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User Profile: Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Publisher of finance and econ site San Francisco Joined July 2011

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst 8h8 hours ago More Social Security Reform Now on the Table: What Does it Mean if COLAs Shift from CPI-W to CPI-E ? Watch out for the costs of housing, medical care, and gasoline. 1 reply 6 retweets 10 likes Reply 1 Retweet 6 Retweeted 6 Like 10 Liked 10

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Dec 5 More The Mayhem Beneath the Surface of the Stock Market. But on the surface, stocks still look hunky-dory. 3 replies 5 retweets 20 likes Reply 3 Retweet 5 Retweeted 5 Like 20 Liked 20

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Dec 4 More Will Inflation Be Allowed to Run Wild? What this Inflation and then a Crackdown on Inflation Will Do to Stocks, Bonds & Housing at these Prices. With widespread, massive, entrenched inflation, there is no soft landing 0 replies 8 retweets 16 likes Reply Retweet 8 Retweeted 8 Like 16 Liked 16

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Dec 3 More Number of Workers Jumps by Massive 1.14 Million in Nov as People Strike Out on Their Own. But Employers Can t Fill Vacancies as People Balk at Old Grind. Hefty seasonal adjustments in retail and government (education) gone awry? 2 replies 4 retweets 12 likes Reply 2 Retweet 4 Retweeted 4 Like 12 Liked 12

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Dec 2 More DocuSign, Worth $46 billion at 4 p.m., Plunges 30% Afterhours as the Environment Shifted More Quickly than We Anticipated. At the tippy top of the greatest bubble ever, all kinds of stuff can happen 2 replies 20 retweets 76 likes Reply 2 Retweet 20 Retweeted 20 Like 76 Liked 76

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Dec 2 More Crushed Volume No Problem: Nov was Most Profitable Month Ever for Dealer New Vehicle Sales as Americans Paid Whatever. Thousands of dollars over sticker? I just don t get this. Something big has changed in the brains of enough (but not all) Americans 4 replies 8 retweets 21 likes Reply 4 Retweet 8 Retweeted 8 Like 21 Liked 21

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Dec 1 More When Will Consumers Balk at Surging Prices? That s the big question. Looking for signs of widespread push-back but not finding much. Consumers pay whatever 0 replies 6 retweets 7 likes Reply Retweet 6 Retweeted 6 Like 7 Liked 7

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 30 More The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America, November Update: Another Holy-Cow Moment. In some cities, prices out-spiked even the craziness at the apex of Housing Bubble 1 before it fell apart. In others, the heat is starting to get dialed down 2 replies 17 retweets 30 likes Reply 2 Retweet 17 Retweeted 17 Like 30 Liked 30

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 29 More Microsoft CEO Nadella Dumped 50% of his MSFT Stock in One Day, Following in Elon Musk s Footsteps. Insiders dumping big portions of their stakes after historic share-price spikes is something to behold 3 replies 25 retweets 69 likes Reply 3 Retweet 25 Retweeted 25 Like 69 Liked 69

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 29 More Junk Bonds, Leveraged Loans, Buyouts by PE Firms, All Blow Past Records in Massive Chase for Yield amid Fed s Easy Money. La-la-land finance. 1 reply 7 retweets 13 likes Reply 1 Retweet 7 Retweeted 7 Like 13 Liked 13

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 27 More What s Behind the Pile-Up of New Houses for Sale, Highest since 2008, as Construction Costs Spike Most in 42 Years, Projects Stall. The supply chain mess bogs down home construction 0 replies 9 retweets 30 likes Reply Retweet 9 Retweeted 9 Like 30 Liked 30

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 26 More Red Friday: A Little Dip and Already the Crybabies on Wall Street are Clamoring for the Fed to Soothe their Pain. But raging inflation is a political bitch, and the White House got the Fed to acknowledge it, and that changes the equation 0 replies 10 retweets 16 likes Reply Retweet 10 Retweeted 10 Like 16 Liked 16

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 25 More More Workers Split Same Real Income Pie, Each Got Smaller Slice. But No Problem, They Spent Heroically. A look at per-worker personal income, what s left of it after inflation 0 replies 5 retweets 8 likes Reply Retweet 5 Retweeted 5 Like 8 Liked 8

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 24 More Fed s Lowest Lowball Inflation Measure Spikes to Worst-Hottest 31-Year High. Powell Groans and Mutters. If you think a car will slow down on its own when you floor the accelerator, you re tragically mistaken, the history of automotive accidents shows 0 replies 7 retweets 19 likes Reply Retweet 7 Retweeted 7 Like 19 Liked 19

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 23 More Best Buy Shares Plunge on Margin Pressures, Cites Organized Retail Crime : A Look at Organized Retail Crime in the US, and How Ecommerce Turned it into a Big Business. 1 reply 4 retweets 10 likes Reply 1 Retweet 4 Retweeted 4 Like 10 Liked 10

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 22 More Powell & Brainard Suddenly Make Inflation #1 Priority in their Thank-You Statements. This looks like the beginning of a U-Turn on inflation. 2-year and 10-year yields jump. 1 reply 10 retweets 18 likes Reply 1 Retweet 10 Retweeted 10 Like 18 Liked 18

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 22 More Home Sales Down 5.8% from Year Ago, amid Tight Inventory, Increasing Affordability Challenges, and Rising Mortgage Rates. The phenomenon of a spurt in buying during the early phases of rising mortgage rates until they reach a magic number 0 replies 5 retweets 15 likes Reply Retweet 5 Retweeted 5 Like 15 Liked 15

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 20 More The WOLF STREET F-150 XLT and Camry LE Price Index, Model Year 2022 Update: This is the Craziest Situation I ve Ever Seen. When trucks are advertised at $10,000 over MSRP, what does MSRP even mean? Now throwing shade on my fancy-schmancy proprietary index 4 replies 12 retweets 18 likes Reply 4 Retweet 12 Retweeted 12 Like 18 Liked 18

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 20 More My account is impersonated by this fraudster Very similar user name (2 underscores added), steals my image & charts, but has few followers. I contacted @Twitter Account is contacting my followers to draw them into a crypto fraud scheme. Do NOT fall for it 15 replies 8 retweets 33 likes Reply 15 Retweet 8 Retweeted 8 Like 33 Liked 33

Wolf Richter @wolfofwolfst Nov 19 More After Driving Corporate Bond & Junk-Bond Rally to Lowest Yields Ever, Fed Ends Bailout SPV with $513 Million Profit, Sends 90% to US Treasury. By mid-September, the junk bond market started heading south. 1 reply 6 retweets 21 likes Reply 1 Retweet 6 Retweeted 6 Like 21 Liked 21

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