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User Profile: Steve HankeVerified account @steve_hanke Economist @JohnsHopkins | Sr Fellow & Director #TroubledCurrencies Project @CatoInstitute | @NRO | FX & Commodity Trader | Reagan White House | Views are my own Baltimore & Paris Joined October 2012

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke Dec 4 More With the Turkish lira hitting new lows against the US dollar with every passing day, the country s inflation is skyrocketing. Erdogan s only hope of stabilizing the lira is to implement a currency board. 64 replies 90 retweets 336 likes Reply 64 Retweet 90 Retweeted 90 Like 336 Liked 336

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 6m6 minutes ago More Thousands took to the streets in #Brussels to protest against new COVID protocols, including mandatory mask wearing for most primary school children. Take a look. BMedia 0 replies 9 retweets 19 likes Reply Retweet 9 Retweeted 9 Like 19 Liked 19

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 32m32 minutes ago More "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand." Milton Friedman 9 replies 35 retweets 181 likes Reply 9 Retweet 35 Retweeted 35 Like 181 Liked 181

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 3h3 hours ago More "Every man can follow his own conscience provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him act against the liberty of his fellow men." -- Atat rk 34 replies 169 retweets 1,127 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 4h4 hours ago More According to the UN, #Afghanistan's GDP will contract by 20% within a year of the #Taliban's takeover. The Taliban has SMASHED Afg's economy & CRUSHED the #afghani, which has lost ~18% of its value against the USD since the Taliban's siege. 4 replies 5 retweets 24 likes Reply 4 Retweet 5 Retweeted 5 Like 24 Liked 24

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 4h4 hours ago More Within the last 48 hours, #Denmark s Omicron cases have tripled, bringing the total number to 183. My colleagues @JohnsHopkins report that #COVID cases have surged over the last few days. The gov's mandatory COVID pass for restaurants and clubs has been of questionable value. 5 replies 12 retweets 37 likes Reply 5 Retweet 12 Retweeted 12 Like 37 Liked 37

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 10h10 hours ago More My new co-edited book Public Debt Sustainability will be released in January 2022. My chapter gives background and color on my experiences as a Money Doctor around the world. Order using code LEX30AUTH21 by 12/31/2021 for 30% off. 3 replies 2 retweets 21 likes Reply 3 Retweet 2 Retweeted 2 Like 21 Liked 21

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 13h13 hours ago More #EconWatch: Amidst its fifth #COVID wave, #France has now confirmed 12 Omicron cases. In addition to the rise in Omicron cases, my colleagues @JohnsHopkins report that on Sat., #FRA recorded 51,624 new COVID cases and 49 deaths. Stay tuned for more updates. 5 replies 4 retweets 24 likes Reply 5 Retweet 4 Retweeted 4 Like 24 Liked 24

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 14h14 hours ago More #EconWatch: With 80% of its population fully vaxxed, #Spain's health minister has ruled out making COVID-19 vaccination mandatory. Spain has managed to keep COVID deaths low, but the new Omicron variant will be the true test of vaccine efficacy in Spain. 2 replies 14 retweets 43 likes Reply 2 Retweet 14 Retweeted 14 Like 43 Liked 43

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 16h16 hours ago More Over the weekend, massive protests broke out in #Barcelona, #Spain against the mandatory vaccination passports. Take a look. RadioGenova 8 replies 47 retweets 172 likes Reply 8 Retweet 47 Retweeted 47 Like 172 Liked 172

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 17h17 hours ago More Last Wednesday, a hacker stole $31 million from a crypto startup MonoX Finance. Crypto continues to prove that it is a hunting ground for criminals. I wonder if @nayibbukele realizes that ELSL s entire #Bitcoin stash could disappear in the blink of an eye? 37 replies 34 retweets 71 likes Reply 37 Retweet 34 Retweeted 34 Like 71 Liked 71

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 18h18 hours ago More In Ankara, Turkey, hundreds of Turks wait in long lines in the rain in order to purchase bread at an affordable price. This is life under Pres. Erdogan s inflation-fueled reign. Take a look. NabdTurkey 264 replies 1,520 retweets 4,473 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 19h19 hours ago More In #Netherlands, thousands gathered over the weekend to protest against vaccine mandates & lockdowns. Take a look. Pepijn van Houwelingen 8 replies 55 retweets 171 likes Reply 8 Retweet 55 Retweeted 55 Like 171 Liked 171

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 20h20 hours ago More Steve Hanke Retweeted zerohedge By continuing to pump money into the economy, President Biden has fueled inflation & seen his poll numbers plunge. Biden and his advisers should take a remedial economics course. They would learn that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon. Steve Hanke added, zerohedge @zerohedge BofA: "inflation is rapidly emerging as an economic and political problem" 9 replies 25 retweets 91 likes Reply 9 Retweet 25 Retweeted 25 Like 91 Liked 91

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 22h22 hours ago More #EconWatch: U.S. gas prices have been rising for months. Thanks in part to Pres. Biden's reckless economic policies. Car rentals, natural gas, and used car prices all rose more than 25% in the past year. Inflation will cut Biden down to size. It will robe wage earners, too. 4 replies 20 retweets 60 likes Reply 4 Retweet 20 Retweeted 20 Like 60 Liked 60

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 23h23 hours ago More .@MikeBloomberg is right. Most public schools are failing to educate. We can thank teachers unions for that failure. Charter schools are superior & the only hope for American children to receive a good education. That s why Bloomberg funds charter schools 2 replies 11 retweets 33 likes Reply 2 Retweet 11 Retweeted 11 Like 33 Liked 33

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke 23h23 hours ago More #Iran keeps dodging talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. This is spooking Iranians and the markets. The Iranian rial is plunging again, reaching a near all-time low of 302,000 IRR/USD. The Khamenei regime seems to like to play with fire. 8 replies 14 retweets 55 likes Reply 8 Retweet 14 Retweeted 14 Like 55 Liked 55

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke Dec 6 More Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. George Bernard Shaw 12 replies 98 retweets 494 likes Reply 12 Retweet 98 Retweeted 98 Like 494 Liked 494

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke Dec 5 More "Civilization is none other than culture itself." -- Atat rk 44 replies 309 retweets 2,368 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke Dec 5 More #EconWatch: Partially locked down #Netherlands has confirmed 18 cases of the new #Omicron variant. Lockdowns DON'T work. Apparently the Dutch experts have not learned this. My colleagues @JohnsHopkins report that 21,529 cases and 62 deaths were recorded on Fri. 6 replies 24 retweets 76 likes Reply 6 Retweet 24 Retweeted 24 Like 76 Liked 76

Steve Hanke Verified account @steve_hanke Dec 5 More US crime is soaring. It s being promoted by political leftists. Crooks are told that they re justified in their thefts because the property they steal is just a payback from a system that s exploited them. Third Worldization is visiting America. Big time! 11 replies 31 retweets 84 likes Reply 11 Retweet 31 Retweeted 31 Like 84 Liked 84

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