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User Profile: Sky NewsVerified account @SkyNews We take you to the heart of the stories that shape our world. For breaking news, follow @SkyNewsBreak London, UK Joined July 2007

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 6m6 minutes ago More Amelie Osborn-Smith has spoken from hospital in Zambia as she recovers from a crocodile bite. A 10ft crocodile is reported to have latched on to the 18-year-old's leg while she was taking a break from white-water rafting near Victoria Falls. Read more: British teen's 'lucky' escape from croc attack Amelie Osborn-Smith speaks from her hospital bed after being attacked by crocodile in Zambia 8 replies 5 retweets 17 likes Reply 8 Retweet 5 Retweeted 5 Like 17 Liked 17

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 11m11 minutes ago More A French daredevil crossed between Babilonia Hill and Urca Hill in Rio de Janeiro on a bridge of webbing - known as a slackline. Nathan Paulin's stunt took place at an altitude of 80m (264ft) and covered a total distance of 500m (0.3 miles). Lofty heroics in Rio from French slackliner 1 reply 13 retweets 31 likes Reply 1 Retweet 13 Retweeted 13 Like 31 Liked 31

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 16m16 minutes ago More Women are speaking out about their experiences getting diagnosed with autism in the hope it will encourage others to get help. It's thought girls are better at hiding, or 'masking', their symptoms, and that professionals miss the signs. Autism in women: 'We didn't get you' Autism in girls in the spotlight as Christine McGuinness opens up about diagnosis 4 replies 5 retweets 25 likes Reply 4 Retweet 5 Retweeted 5 Like 25 Liked 25

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 18m18 minutes ago More "Why does the food have to be so grim at a compulsory cost of 228 per day? Feels punishing!", the filmmaker posted alongside the photo 22 replies 8 retweets 49 likes Reply 22 Retweet 8 Retweeted 8 Like 49 Liked 49

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 24m24 minutes ago More #Eyewitness: These communities are now well into their second week without power, and 300 miles north of Westminster, there's a sense of isolation and neglect here 16 replies 28 retweets 59 likes Reply 16 Retweet 28 Retweeted 28 Like 59 Liked 59

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 25m25 minutes ago More Lewis Hamilton takes F1 title race to final round with dramatic victory in Saudi Arabia 25 replies 26 retweets 237 likes Reply 25 Retweet 26 Retweeted 26 Like 237 Liked 237

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 26m26 minutes ago More Greece: Pope greets families of asylum seekers at Lesbos migrant camp. The 84-year-old spent just two hours at the camp, where migrants live in white UN containers at the water's edge and barbed wire fencing lines the camp entrance. Today's top stories: Pope visits Lesbos migrant camp for second time Greece: Pope greets families of asylum seekers at Lesbos migrant camp 15 replies 20 retweets 79 likes Reply 15 Retweet 20 Retweeted 20 Like 79 Liked 79

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 35m35 minutes ago More Bob Dole, who overcame severe combat wounds to become a senior figure in US politics, has died at the age of 98 7 replies 12 retweets 41 likes Reply 7 Retweet 12 Retweeted 12 Like 41 Liked 41

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 41m41 minutes ago More Richard E Grant has criticised the government for the "very poor standard" of food provided with his 228-a-day hotel quarantine. The filmmaker quarantining for 10 days after flying back to the UK from southern Africa to see his mother. Read more: 'Beggars belief' - Richard E Grant in quarantine COVID-19: Richard E Grant on being in quarantine after visiting Southern Africa 28 replies 17 retweets 59 likes Reply 28 Retweet 17 Retweeted 17 Like 59 Liked 59

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 41m41 minutes ago More Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle to call in police over claims of drug abuse in the Houses of Parliament 52 replies 36 retweets 129 likes Reply 52 Retweet 36 Retweeted 36 Like 129 Liked 129

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 57m57 minutes ago More At least 14 civilians and one member of the security forces have died after Indian forces mistook a group of villagers for insurgents and opened fire 18 replies 19 retweets 37 likes Reply 18 Retweet 19 Retweeted 19 Like 37 Liked 37

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 1h1 hour ago More It would have been "wrong" for a Christmas party to have been held in Downing Street last year, deputy prime minister Dominic Raab has admitted - but he hit out at "unsubstantiated claims" of a festive bash in Number 10 28 replies 15 retweets 67 likes Reply 28 Retweet 15 Retweeted 15 Like 67 Liked 67

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 1h1 hour ago More Zambia crocodile attack: British teen Amelie Osborn-Smith 'fully accepted' she would lose a foot after being bitten 16 replies 9 retweets 33 likes Reply 16 Retweet 9 Retweeted 9 Like 33 Liked 33

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 2h2 hours ago More The new Spider-Man film has set a ticket-sale record in the UK before its highly-anticipated release, according to reports 8 replies 9 retweets 64 likes Reply 8 Retweet 9 Retweeted 9 Like 64 Liked 64

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 2h2 hours ago More On the #Daily podcast, @DermotMurnaghan and @LomasChar examine the financial and mental health impact on leaseholders stuck in homes affected by the cladding crisis more than four years on from the Grenfell fire. Listen to the podcast in full Sky News Daily Podcast 3 replies 2 retweets 11 likes Reply 3 Retweet 2 Retweeted 2 Like 11 Liked 11

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 2h2 hours ago More The TV presenter says COVID has affected her 54-year-old husband "from the top of his head to the tip of his toe" and he is still unable to fully communicate 37 replies 30 retweets 130 likes Reply 37 Retweet 30 Retweeted 30 Like 130 Liked 130

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 2h2 hours ago More Sir Lewis Hamilton has said he had "nothing to do" with the Mercedes F1 team's partnership deal with Kingspan - an insulation firm linked to the Grenfell Tower tragedy 35 replies 12 retweets 52 likes Reply 35 Retweet 12 Retweeted 12 Like 52 Liked 52

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 2h2 hours ago More It comes as deputy prime minister Dominic Raab told Sky News: "The most vulnerable in our society need to have the maximum protection" 38 replies 16 retweets 86 likes Reply 38 Retweet 16 Retweeted 16 Like 86 Liked 86

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 2h2 hours ago More Gisele Bundchen: Supermodel draws praise after rescuing sea turtle caught in fishing net 10 replies 1 retweet 58 likes Reply 10 Retweet 1 Retweeted 1 Like 58 Liked 58

Sky News Verified account @SkyNews 2h2 hours ago More The Metro Bank and Atom Bank founder Anthony Thomson is one of the business heavyweights behind a new money-sharing social network that will launch next year, Sky News learns 1 reply 1 retweet 13 likes Reply 1 Retweet 1 Retweeted 1 Like 13 Liked 13

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