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User Profile: Charlie LeeVerified account @SatoshiLite Creator of Litecoin. Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. Ex-Director of Engineering at Coinbase. Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation. Joined April 2008

Charlie Lee Verified account @SatoshiLite Oct 7 More As we are approaching the 10th anniversary of Litecoin, I figured it's a good time to do a long Twitter on the history of Litecoin from my perspective. My memory of events can be hazy at times, so for those mentioned, feel free to add or correct anything I say. Here goes... 1 reply 818 retweets 3,253 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked Show this thread Show this thread

Litecoin Verified account @litecoin 11h11 hours ago More Litecoin Retweeted Gemini Our friends @Gemini are taking #Litecoin adoption in Colombia to the next level! Litecoin added, GeminiVerified account @Gemini We recently partnered with @Bancolombia to provide their customers with a seamless onramp to trade $BTC, $ETH, $LTC, and $BCH through the Gemini exchange! We're excited to work closely with the Colombian crypto ecosystem and grow our presence in LATAM Show this thread 63 replies 128 retweets 673 likes Reply 63 Retweet 128 Retweeted 128 Like 673 Liked 673

Litecoin Verified account @litecoin 18h18 hours ago More 21 of the Largest Cryptocurrencies Ranked by Investors' Hold Time - @themotleyfool Guess which is #1? #crypto #Litecoin #MondayMotivaton 55 replies 103 retweets 407 likes Reply 55 Retweet 103 Retweeted 103 Like 407 Liked 407 @LitecoinDotCom Dec 4 More Litecoin MimbleWimble November Recap Update LIP0004 rewritten for completeness Code Vulnerability reported by @south_lagoon77 Core 0.21.1 relase 'any day now' MW release pushed to January to fix vulnerability 84 replies 72 retweets 307 likes Reply 84 Retweet 72 Retweeted 72 Like 307 Liked 307

David Burkett @DavidBurkett38 Dec 3 More November Progress: * Vulnerability found * Fixed design and rewrote LIP-0004 * Small delay to fix vulnerability (Last one, I promise....unless there's another one) Details: 42 replies 53 retweets 187 likes Reply 42 Retweet 53 Retweeted 53 Like 187 Liked 187 Show this thread Show this thread

Master 300k BTC 4k LTC 2022 @MASTERBTCLTC Dec 2 More For charity Charlie Lee the founder of litecoin will follow you on twitter. @SatoshiLite The winning auction will be donated to 35 replies 15 retweets 112 likes Reply 35 Retweet 15 Retweeted 15 Like 112 Liked 112

Reid Hoffman Verified account @reidhoffman Dec 2 More Want to be the 604th person I follow on Twitter? Or the 761st person @aplusk follows? While also supporting @codeorg's work in bringing computer science education to every student in every K-12 school? You only have a few hours left to bid! 21 replies 7 retweets 53 likes Reply 21 Retweet 7 Retweeted 7 Like 53 Liked 53 Verified account @codeorg Nov 30 More Retweeted It's #GivingTuesday, and only two days left in our auction: Donate to @codeorg and win a follow on Twitter from tech celebrities and leaders who support our mission to teach computer science to young women and underserved students! added, Code.orgVerified account @codeorg Ever wanted a tech titan to follow you on Twitter? Now s your chance: Bid on a follow from @Benioff, @aplusk, @mcuban, @sbp04, @ekp, @reidhoffman & more to support CS education for young women & students of color! Check out the auction: Show this thread 13 replies 11 retweets 44 likes Reply 13 Retweet 11 Retweeted 11 Like 44 Liked 44

David Burkett @DavidBurkett38 Dec 2 More 1/10 Some important news about MWEB. This will be included in tonight's monthly update as well, but I wanted to share here for a little more visibility. 37 replies 71 retweets 258 likes Reply 37 Retweet 71 Retweeted 71 Like 258 Liked 258 Show this thread Show this thread

BitPay Verified account @BitPay Nov 30 More How to spend Bitcoin, Litecoin & Dogecoin (+ other crypto) at @Walmart: #crypto #BTC #litecoin #doge #paywithbitpay 102 replies 137 retweets 435 likes Reply 102 Retweet 137 Retweeted 137 Like 435 Liked 435

Litecoin Verified account @litecoin Nov 30 More WisdomTree adds #Litecoin to two new ETP exchange-traded products to its lineup in Europe tracking the spot price of digital assets. The ETPs are listed on SIX, the Swiss stock exchange and B rse Xetra in Germany and can be sold across the European Union. 245 replies 157 retweets 549 likes Reply 245 Retweet 157 Retweeted 157 Like 549 Liked 549

Litecoin Verified account @litecoin Nov 29 More Regal Cinemas and AMC Theaters accepting #Litecoin $LTC 269 replies 282 retweets 1,156 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Litecoin Foundation @LTCFoundation Nov 25 More This #BlackFriday weekend enjoy 15% off the entire #Litecoin Foundation Shop - Coupon CODE: BLKFriday - Coupon expires on 11/28/2021 - SHOP NOW - $LTC 106 replies 61 retweets 292 likes Reply 106 Retweet 61 Retweeted 61 Like 292 Liked 292

Litecoin Verified account @litecoin Nov 23 More The 2nd largest US theater chain Regal Cinemas with accept #Litecoin! 500 locations, 7,000 screens in 42 states across the country in partnership with @FlexaHQ 178 replies 325 retweets 1,420 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Adam Back @adam3us Nov 23 More re discussion SegWit on LTC more context it triggered a behind closed doors proxy battle where @jihanwu tried to block SW there too, as obviously it would work fine on LTC, but would make it harder still to sound coherent blocking on #bitcoin. 50 replies 45 retweets 251 likes Reply 50 Retweet 45 Retweeted 45 Like 251 Liked 251 Show this thread Show this thread

Litecoin Verified account @litecoin Nov 20 More The first bank in Estonia, LHV, the countries largest domestic financial group and capital provider announces trading in #Litecoin and investing directly in #crypto assets! Learn more at: #Estonia $LTC #Crypto 165 replies 270 retweets 1,126 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Samson Mow Verified account @Excellion Nov 18 More Someone just made a donation to the @LTCFoundation. 2 replies 18 retweets 168 likes Reply 2 Retweet 18 Retweeted 18 Like 168 Liked 168

Charlie Lee Verified account @SatoshiLite Nov 14 More Charlie Lee Retweeted Bitcoin Magazine Congratulations Bitcoin! Thanks for being Litecoin's testnet. If no issues are found with Taproot on Bitcoin, we will launch it on Litecoin! Charlie Lee added, Bitcoin MagazineVerified account @BitcoinMagazine BREAKING: Taproot has activated on #Bitcoin Show this thread 465 replies 339 retweets 2,424 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Litecoin Verified account @litecoin Nov 14 More Litecoin is accepted anywhere VISA is.. the #Litecoin Card converts $LTC at the time of purchase. You can also connect the card with the @Litewallet_App #PaywithLitecoin #Hodl #SundayThoughts 566 replies 1,673 retweets 6,607 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Litewallet @Litewallet_App Nov 14 More Improvements in Litewallet: Android are on the way! But we need testers! Please save your 12 word seed and consider alpha testing for Android. Go to and add ALPHA TESTER in the ticket subject. 161 replies 32 retweets 148 likes Reply 161 Retweet 32 Retweeted 32 Like 148 Liked 148

Pieter Wuille @pwuille Nov 13 More At long last, BIP341/342 ("taproot") are active on Bitcoin mainnet. Thanks to everyone involved for getting us this far! The real work will be in building wallets/protocols that build on top of it to make use of its advantages. I'm very excited to see where that takes us. 501 replies 937 retweets 5,686 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked Show this thread Show this thread

satoshilite charlie lee

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