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User Profile: FollowClick to Follow CitronResearchCitron Research@CitronResearchCitron Research has been publishing columns for over 20 years, making it one of the longest-running independent online stock commentary sources.Los Angeles, CAcitronresearch.comJoined January 2011365 Following334.2K Followers

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Citron Research@CitronResearch Jul 27Citron was not going to write just another short report unless we found a co. that we believed was harming the system, unprofitable, ridic val to peers, and whose headwinds were only getting stronger .we found that in agilon health ($AGL). .Target $5.citronresearch.comCitron Research | Executive Editor Andrew Left | Publishing Since 2001Citron Research has been actively publishing for 17+ years and with over 200 reports, Citron has amassed a track record of identifying fraud...53114

Citron Research@CitronResearch Aug 4$COIN huge validation...just shot down many bear cases on that particular stock...more interested in knowing who bought all the $COIN stock yesterday as it was up over 20% with BTC flat.3323125

Citron Research@CitronResearch Aug 3$HKD is NOT a meme stock. While sure price is stupid, it only traded 339k shares yesterday. Has not captured the imagination of retail traders like $GME. Obviously, there is no borrow and if so has an egregious borrow fee. SEC does not regulate market caps. Have no position7028190

Citron Research@CitronResearch Jul 11To be clear, there is A LOT of Fraud in the world of Crypto and I believe that ETH or smart contracts have no place in the complex world we live in. BTC, has the collective conciseness of perceived value but also no utility. Hype and Fraud different things30037231

Citron Research@CitronResearch Jun 29Looking forward to joining the esteemed panelists at Berkeley Law Fraud Fest. Will focus on the fraudulent crypto ecosystem. Ethereum smart contracts? WTF? Still 140 bil of mkt cap. ETHE will go right back to $300berkeleyfraudfest.comFraud Fest 2022 | Presented by The Berkeley Center for Law & Business - Berkeley Fraud Fest 20221439

Citron Research@CitronResearch Jun 24Citron's famed short-seller Andrew Left says he expects Amazon to buy Jumia, Africa's leading e-commerce company this year via @businessinsiderbusinessinsider.comCitron's famed short-seller Andrew Left says he expects Amazon to buy Jumia, Africa's leading...Left's prediction follows Insider's previous report about Amazon's plans to launch its own online marketplace in Nigeria and South Africa.43110

Citron Research@CitronResearch Jun 15But I know ..we just don t understand !!!87581

Citron Research@CitronResearch Jun 15ETH has never passed the intellectual honestly smell test regardless of the web3.0 dreams that are being sold by a collective of Silicon Valley VC who will never be held accountable for the claims that have been sold to the unsuspecting public over past few years7126159

Citron Research@CitronResearch Jun 15If you want to say that BTC is digital gold because it has collective thought than that is your choice. But to think that a 140 bil software company whose primary use case is to buy online collectibles then joke will be on you3224124

Citron Research@CitronResearch Jun 15Just saw Mike N on CNBC discussing use cases and the first and only thing he said was the ability to buy collectibles. Anyone who thinks smart contracts and DAO are going to replace escrows and banks has obviously never conducted real business929105

Citron Research@CitronResearch Jun 15As ETH still trades above 1000 with a mkt cap of 140 billion. We say WTF? Every high-flying real software/cloud company is trading back to pre-pandemic levels which puts ETH at 200 (which is still expensive)5236183

Citron Research@CitronResearch Jun 15Citron has spent the past year and a half not being vocal on the short side as whatever potential rewards did not justify the trolling of family members on and off line. But sometimes it becomes just too difficult not to bite your tongue and not chime in on the obvious11233235

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 17Craziest story of the week... Bill Hwang wants an investigation into him getting squeezed by Morgan Stanley? Worlds gone mad!!bloomberg.comBill Hwang Seeks Probe of Morgan Stanley in Costly Short SqueezeBefore Bill Hwang sent a slate of stocks on a manic climb last year, he had already started bleeding billions of dollars on a bearish bet after seeking Morgan Stanley s help.161891

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 12$jmia takeout? We still think buyer is $amzn or $goog but at least this get the process movingafrica.businessinsider.comIs this Nigerian billionaire planning to acquire Jumia? Here's what we know...There are indications that Nigerian billionaire and Chairman of Zinox Group, Leo Stan Ekeh, might be planning a takeover bid for Jumia182675

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 12With cryto implosion can the Lakers fix this or are they stuck for 20 years with arena? At least the Clippers got Intuit. .161156

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 11$JMIA not pounding table. It is what it is. At this price the largest E-Commerce and delivery platform in Africa is FREE. No value to the biz whatsoever. Either this is an amazing opportunity or Africa means nothing.3797

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 10$LMND Can you believe over $400 mil of insider selling as they were touting ESG and charity bullshit to cover up for a busted insurance lead company. This goes away and no one cares1719106

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 10$APRN Just signed off investor day...either management are group of lying sociopaths on profitability or this stock going right back to $10. They will provide more details on $PLNT partnership but it is co branded marketing that emphasizes fitness and food. Same with $WMT10929

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 10On investor day presentation Blue Apron $APRN just announced a partnership with $PLNT, they have over 15 mil members Great fit....need more details. Citron suggested $PTON sell food to their subs months ago4428

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 10Being asked readers YES. $PTON should partner with a meal kit company that can scale $APRN CEO must realize they are a brand and wellness co and not a technology co. 3 million subs all eat with built in sales force in instructors.18134

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 10This market downturn should be the end of sell-side research. Going down every name attached to every big firm and it laughable, that includes the "brand name" analysts (MM). Investors are better off reading open debate on Reddit, Twitter, or SA5762448

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 10$PTON was the perfect example of an overpromotional CEO, and confirmation bias of wealthy and healthy fund managers. All the stocks down 80%+ from peak, this was most obvious. 15 mos ago JPM put a $200 tgt on $PTON...and they're investigating short sellers?48314

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 9If the market needs Citron to go back to writing short reports to bounce...we will take one for the team. tongue in cheek of course. Where is my edit Elon?27220

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 9$APRN...brtual tape no doubt. Management just bought at $12 last week and $WMT is the core market. New balance sheet ...maybe time to revisit this nameQuote TweetShare The News@algobotnews May 9Blue Apron to launch storefront on later this month, says CEO $APRN $WMT61528

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 4Always rechecking thesis, we will move on beyond $JMIA but the assymetrical risk/reward is beyond compelling. Just read this article from today. We beleive $AMZN buys $JMIA next 24 mos e-Commerce Adoption in Northern Nigeria via @BusinessPostNGbusinesspost.nge-Commerce Adoption in Northern Nigeria | Business Post NigeriaE-commerce platforms like Jumia and fintech companies have brought a new dynamic to everyday living in Northern Nigeria. Individuals, households, small enterprises, and huge corporations are increa...2661

Citron Research@CitronResearch May 3$jmia. Rechecking and updating the thesis. Follow the money 171973

Citron Research@CitronResearch Apr 28$JMIA..we continue to work on report as all has to pass legal (Musk Envy). Never been more confident in story. Congrats to $GOOG for changing Nigerian internet this week. $10 bil is just the start........vanguardngr.comGoogle's Equiano submarine cable, named after Nigerian-born abolitionist lands in LagosGoogle has unveiled plans to inject over $10.1 billion into the Nigerian economy in the next three years through its Equiano submarine cable.221972

Citron Research@CitronResearch Apr 26Musk has solved the most difficult of problems with space and elec cars. Why spend $40+ bil on a low tech social media co? Couldn t he just make his own for 2 billion?19434274

Citron Research@CitronResearch Apr 21$JMIA Citron will release full video Monday, still a table pound..just look at who recently joined last month as Chief Commercial Officer $NKE $GOOG This is ONLY beaten down name that can double with 1 PR. $AMZN $BABA. Looking forward to Monday.linkedin.comIjeoma Arum - Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) - Jumia Nigeria | LinkedInView Ijeoma Arum s profile on LinkedIn, the world s largest professional community. Ijeoma has 5 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Ijeoma s connections...341565

Citron Research@CitronResearch Apr 20$JMIA. yes...$BABA owns controlling stake in 4PX Express. We know today is not the market for stocks like $JMIA but last mile for China in Africa will be the eventual catalyst for the stock to trade much higher.131576

Citron Research@CitronResearch Apr's 4PX Express partners with Jumia to expand its delivery services in AfricaChinese delivery company 4PX Express has announced a new partnership with e-commerce leader Jumia to grow its delivery services in Africa.5751

Citron Research@CitronResearch Apr 20After following $JMIA for 4 years, THIS is the news we've been waiting for. Last mile for China in Africa is better than UPS. We will follow up with full article explaining our due dil on China and Jumia. 4XP is one of China's largest cross border commerce operator.151398

Citron Research@CitronResearch Mar 28Even more consolidation in gaming headsets as $hpq buys $poly with 50% premium. All data points signal $hear is next as previously reported by The Deal.22439

Citron Research@CitronResearch Mar 22$hear Almost half of CEO's stock is unvested. If fired he loses huge % of net worth overnight. If he sells the shares vest immediately since co amended CEO's original 2012 offer letter last August for takeout event. 8K below. Win win shareholders 17723

Citron Research@CitronResearch Mar 22Citron pounding table on $HEAR takeover imminent. Over $36 With video game M&A on fire, CEO has fiduciary duty to sell as public markets are undervaluing this strategic asset. Management has too much to lose if they don t The Donerail Group Nominates Full Slate of Highly Qualified Director Candidates For Election at...The Donerail Group LP (together with its affiliates, Donerail , we or us ), one of the largest shareholders of Turtle Beach Corporation (NASDAQ: H14927

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Citron Research@CitronResearch Mar 3Boom!!This just hit The Deal. By Ronald Orol March 03, 2022 11:37 AM "Facing a total board takeover effort, Turtle Beach Corp. (HEAR) continues to privately consider strategic options, such as a sale, according to a source familiar with the situation." CEO said in Oct $36 too low11934

Citron Research@CitronResearch Mar 3Boom!!This just hit The Deal. By Ronald Orol March 03, 2022 11:37 AM "Facing a total board takeover effort, Turtle Beach Corp. (HEAR) continues to privately consider strategic options, such as a sale, according to a source familiar with the situation." CEO said in Oct $36 too low11934

Citron Research@CitronResearch Mar 3$HEAR great product SHIT mgmt. Huge trends in console gaming/esports/meta Accessories in takeout mode . Buying $HEAR is a win win. 1) CEO sells co for $35-40 or 2)CEO ousted in proxy next mos and new mgmt sells for even more. 40% marketshare headsets US gaming..more than $GME1502055

Citron Research@CitronResearch Mar 3Oh no...not another video game stock from Citron....haven't we learned our lesson?22457

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