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User Profile: Citron Research @CitronResearch Citron Research has been publishing columns for over 20 years, making it one of the longest-running independent online stock commentary sources. Los Angeles, CA Joined January 2011

Citron Research @CitronResearch Aug 2 More $DOCN. 600k developer/ customers and the largest hackathon in the world is just the start of this disruption. Every day more news of $DOCN challenging AWS "DOCN continues to grow and gain momentum amongst developers." 57 replies 20 retweets 109 likes Reply 57 Retweet 20 Retweeted 20 Like 109 Liked 109

Citron Research @CitronResearch Nov 29 More $REAL. The luxury resale market getting more attention every day. If EBAY does not acquire REAL then it almost seems like a no brainer for Saks and their e-commerce ambitions...or it continues to grow at 35%. Maintain $30 tgt 16 replies 10 retweets 35 likes Reply 16 Retweet 10 Retweeted 10 Like 35 Liked 35

Citron Research @CitronResearch Nov 24 More $REAL will be $30 next 12 months if not acquired by Ebay first. Credit Card data for the month is on fire, no supply chains issues, on the right side of ESG and fashion. Luxury resale market globally is becoming a megatrend and $REAL is the clear leader 34 replies 12 retweets 99 likes Reply 34 Retweet 12 Retweeted 12 Like 99 Liked 99

Citron Research @CitronResearch Nov 5 More $BBBY is on sale and the board knows it. Same setup as Citron favorite $RH was 3 years ago. While we are not suggestion this is the next $RH....the buyback has many similarities. For more detail. . . 41 replies 36 retweets 146 likes Reply 41 Retweet 36 Retweeted 36 Like 146 Liked 146

Citron Research @CitronResearch Nov 4 More $DOCN. Congrats to all who stayed there (yes we are there) this is a generational company. The importance of developer first cannot be underestimated. $MQ is next... with higher net revenue retention than even $SNOW while $COIN has not kicked in yet...$55 for $MQ 25 replies 27 retweets 166 likes Reply 25 Retweet 27 Retweeted 27 Like 166 Liked 166

Citron Research @CitronResearch Oct 28 More It was 3 years ago this week, Citron reversed our opinion on $TSLA and went long, at the time heresy for a short seller. Keeping an open mind and rechecking thesis is key to any investment. 79 replies 50 retweets 438 likes Reply 79 Retweet 50 Retweeted 50 Like 438 Liked 438

Citron Research @CitronResearch Oct 26 More Wall St. excited about Stripe & Klarna deal and who powers Klarna? $MQ Between Klarna, Affirm, $COIN and $MA. Marqeta has become the API behind Crypto and BNPL. Price tgt of $55 might be sooner than expected 16 replies 31 retweets 154 likes Reply 16 Retweet 31 Retweeted 31 Like 154 Liked 154

Citron Research @CitronResearch Oct 25 More $MQ the next gen payment platform powering all major crypto platforms including today s announced $BKKT crypto partnership with $MA Citron has much more to say. $MQ tgt. 55 20 replies 41 retweets 164 likes Reply 20 Retweet 41 Retweeted 41 Like 164 Liked 164

Citron Research @CitronResearch Oct 19 More To see such an impressive list of innovators turn to Marqeta to build out new crypto cards and reward programs shows the flexibility of our modern card issuing platform and our unique modern architecture, which can support entirely new card constructs... 14 replies 12 retweets 73 likes Reply 14 Retweet 12 Retweeted 12 Like 73 Liked 73

Citron Research @CitronResearch Oct 18 More Congrats $BTC holders for 60k... now if you want to pop the champagne, you are thankful for $MQ, the best way to turn BTC Into spending. $COIN, BlockFi, and Shakepay agree 11 replies 14 retweets 84 likes Reply 11 Retweet 14 Retweeted 14 Like 84 Liked 84

Citron Research @CitronResearch Oct 18 More $MQ - Best long setup since $DOCN with a best in class product loved by developers while misunderstood by Wall St... wait to you read what most noted Fintech experts say about $MQ. $50 tgt. Report to follow. 24 replies 38 retweets 161 likes Reply 24 Retweet 38 Retweeted 38 Like 161 Liked 161

Citron Research @CitronResearch Oct 6 More Citron applauds Scorpion s work but in this case we believe $DNA is more of a scheme than a scam. We cannot disagree that the stock will probably be down 80% in short form 42 replies 36 retweets 145 likes Reply 42 Retweet 36 Retweeted 36 Like 145 Liked 145

Citron Research @CitronResearch Sep 15 More $REAL $30 target Luxury resale has attracted more new buyers since 2019 than all previous years combined. . . 25 replies 13 retweets 53 likes Reply 25 Retweet 13 Retweeted 13 Like 53 Liked 53

Citron Research @CitronResearch Sep 14 More Listening to $REAL at the Raymond James conference sounds like they will be the $CVNA of luxury. Misunderstood in the beginning. Remember when people thought $CVNA was just another used car seller?. Real should hit $30 next 12 mos. Story to follow 37 replies 10 retweets 67 likes Reply 37 Retweet 10 Retweeted 10 Like 67 Liked 67

Citron Research @CitronResearch Aug 2 More Learning from Mistakes. $DOCN IS the $SHOP of Cloud Computing. Not even the first inning of SMB move to cloud. MUST read 47 replies 28 retweets 157 likes Reply 47 Retweet 28 Retweeted 28 Like 157 Liked 157

Citron Research @CitronResearch Aug 2 More The story of Citron and Evergrande HK 3333 shows the difficulties in short selling in HK. While we have been noticeably quiet on the recent Evergrande unwind, the years of trial and million of legal fees are in rear view mirror....we move forward. 23 replies 22 retweets 116 likes Reply 23 Retweet 22 Retweeted 22 Like 116 Liked 116

Edwin Dorsey @StockJabber May 24 More Excited to announce Andrew Left and I are doing a Twitter Spaces AMA tomorrow at 1 pm EST / 10 am PST. No topic is off limit. Tough questions are encouraged. @CitronResearch 52 replies 16 retweets 183 likes Reply 52 Retweet 16 Retweeted 16 Like 183 Liked 183 Show this thread Show this thread

Citron Research @CitronResearch May 11 More $JMIA numbers were obviously not good enough to overcome the widespread selling of growth. Marketplace revenue grew 6%, GMV decrease getting smaller. Miss top line was largely currency conversion. 37% of all orders JMIA pay. Africa story in tact, not an easy road. 110 replies 10 retweets 161 likes Reply 110 Retweet 10 Retweeted 10 Like 161 Liked 161

Citron Research @CitronResearch May 10 More $RVLV old Citron name CRUSHED earnings higher last week. Best reopening play. If you are long $LYV or $WYNN ask yourself....are people showing up naked? Will make new highs Co firing on all cylinders. " Fashtech" is real, profitable, and growing. $80 tgt 54 replies 15 retweets 83 likes Reply 54 Retweet 15 Retweeted 15 Like 83 Liked 83

Citron Research @CitronResearch May 6 More Please join us now to understand why Jumia will double from these levels 69 replies 28 retweets 115 likes Reply 69 Retweet 28 Retweeted 28 Like 115 Liked 115

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