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User Profile: J.C. Parets @allstarcharts I build puzzles United States of America Joined December 2009 Born February 14

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts 10h10 hours ago More Big ups to @coach_cristobal welcome home @MiamiHurricanes Good to have you back. 10yr $80M deal. Not too shabby. 3 replies 1 retweet 18 likes Reply 3 Retweet 1 Retweeted 1 Like 18 Liked 18

Michael Batnick Verified account @michaelbatnick 13h13 hours ago More Explain DeFi in less than 30 seconds 16 replies 17 retweets 400 likes Reply 16 Retweet 17 Retweeted 17 Like 400 Liked 400

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts 12h12 hours ago More Over the years I ve learned that prices tend to run away from long tails on their candles. The longer the tail (shadow, wick etc) the harder prices run away from it. 15 replies 17 retweets 172 likes Reply 15 Retweet 17 Retweeted 17 Like 172 Liked 172

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts 13h13 hours ago More Not sure if you noticed but #Bitcoin crashed Friday night just like the S&P500 crashed in 1987. The similarities are hard to ignore $btcusd #spx 21 replies 14 retweets 97 likes Reply 21 Retweet 14 Retweeted 14 Like 97 Liked 97

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts 18h18 hours ago More J.C. Parets Retweeted Michael Nauss, CMT, CAIA if a stock you own is getting below 30 in its 14-day RSI, I think you own the wrong stocks J.C. Parets added, Michael Nauss, CMT, CAIA @MichaelNaussCMT Was listening to the spaces with @allstarcharts and @sstrazza and then mentioned they think the strongest setups are ones that RSI never gets oversold. So I made a list. Check out this below of stocks that never had an RSI under 30 all year. Enjoy! Show this thread 6 replies 3 retweets 54 likes Reply 6 Retweet 3 Retweeted 3 Like 54 Liked 54

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts 19h19 hours ago More Come hang out 1 reply 0 retweets 6 likes Reply 1 Retweet Retweeted Like 6 Liked 6

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts 20h20 hours ago More September highs in $SPX needs to hold. Bad things happen below that 8 replies 19 retweets 104 likes Reply 8 Retweet 19 Retweeted 19 Like 104 Liked 104

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts 20h20 hours ago More two of the most important charts on earth imo 4 replies 16 retweets 69 likes Reply 4 Retweet 16 Retweeted 16 Like 69 Liked 69

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts 22h22 hours ago More Can US Interest Rates come back this week? If the 10s are not above 1.4% and 30s are not above 1.75% I think there are bigger problems out there and risk is elevated. I trust the bond market. I don't really trust anyone else. 6 replies 8 retweets 114 likes Reply 6 Retweet 8 Retweeted 8 Like 114 Liked 114

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts 22h22 hours ago More Short-term holders of #Bitcoin on avg are now underwater. $53,000 represents the aggregate cost-basis for those short-term holders (coins held for less than 155 days). So I really don't see the rush until they can reclaim that level. And who knows how long that will take $BTCUSD 11 replies 7 retweets 115 likes Reply 11 Retweet 7 Retweeted 7 Like 115 Liked 115

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts Dec 5 More Take Care of Your Business 12 replies 5 retweets 40 likes Reply 12 Retweet 5 Retweeted 5 Like 40 Liked 40

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts Dec 5 More Whenever in doubt get smaller. That s how I learned it. 6 replies 8 retweets 136 likes Reply 6 Retweet 8 Retweeted 8 Like 136 Liked 136

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts Dec 5 More J.C. Parets Retweeted Dr. Phil Pearlman Free to play J.C. Parets added, Dr. Phil PearlmanVerified account @ppearlman The Culmination of Small Choices 1 reply 0 retweets 4 likes Reply 1 Retweet Retweeted Like 4 Liked 4

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts Dec 5 More What s the best bowl game pool app? To bet on all of them. NCAA basketball style? 2 replies 1 retweet 13 likes Reply 2 Retweet 1 Retweeted 1 Like 13 Liked 13

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts Dec 5 More doesn't look terrible 11 replies 18 retweets 96 likes Reply 11 Retweet 18 Retweeted 18 Like 96 Liked 96

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts Dec 5 More 5 lbs of pork butt in the Dutch oven for tonight. Any advice? 59 replies 2 retweets 42 likes Reply 59 Retweet 2 Retweeted 2 Like 42 Liked 42

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts Dec 5 More Just a couple messy retests? Or are things about to get nasty? $DJIA $TRAN #dowjones 12 replies 10 retweets 66 likes Reply 12 Retweet 10 Retweeted 10 Like 66 Liked 66

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts Dec 4 More Favorite Saturday night wine? How about something Italian that starts with the letter B. 24 replies 0 retweets 15 likes Reply 24 Retweet Retweeted Like 15 Liked 15

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts Dec 4 More If you don t own it then it s not your problem. If you don t have a position then why should you care what happens to the people who do? Investing is hard enough worrying about your own situation. I couldn t imagine spending time worrying about what other people are doing. 10 replies 4 retweets 120 likes Reply 10 Retweet 4 Retweeted 4 Like 120 Liked 120

J.C. Parets @allstarcharts Dec 4 More ATV or Side by side? I need to pick one. Any advice? 32 replies 0 retweets 6 likes Reply 32 Retweet Retweeted Like 6 Liked 6

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