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User Profile: Al GoreVerified account @algore Nashville, TN Joined November 2008

Al Gore Verified account @algore 3h3 hours ago More Throughout his nearly 80 years of public service, Bob Dole was a steadfast defender of his country and of the people of Kansas. May he rest in peace. 23 replies 85 retweets 833 likes Reply 23 Retweet 85 Retweeted 85 Like 833 Liked 833

Al Gore Verified account @algore Dec 1 More I'm devastated and heartbroken by the loss of Jackie Avant. She was an endlessly kind and generous soul who always sought out new ways to give back and lift others up. My heart goes out to Clarence, Alex, Nicole, and the entire Avant family. 117 replies 30 retweets 266 likes Reply 117 Retweet 30 Retweeted 30 Like 266 Liked 266

Al Gore Verified account @algore Nov 19 More We are one step closer to passing the largest investment in climate solutions in U.S. history. We know the climate crisis can't wait. A lot depends on the Senate now to pass this critical legislation as soon as it can. #BuildBackBetter 310 replies 307 retweets 1,423 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Al Gore Verified account @algore Nov 16 More Al Gore Retweeted John Doerr We have the solutions to the climate crisis at our fingertips, but need leaders to swiftly implement them. I'm thrilled that @speedandscale by my good friend @johndoerr is now available to help guide this transition. It's a must-read for anyone working to protect our planet. Al Gore added, 1:03 John DoerrVerified account @johndoerr Today is the day! @SpeedandScale is now available! We can't run away from our climate crisis. So what's the plan? My newest book is for leaders of all kinds, for anyone anywhere who can move others to act with them. Get the book and join the movement at 48 replies 78 retweets 246 likes Reply 48 Retweet 78 Retweeted 78 Like 246 Liked 246

Al Gore Verified account @algore Nov 13 More The outcome of #COP26 shows us that it has never been more important to hold our leaders accountable to their words and pledges. Advocates for climate action cannot and must not let up. My statement: 71 replies 238 retweets 677 likes Reply 71 Retweet 238 Retweeted 238 Like 677 Liked 677

Al Gore Verified account @algore Nov 10 More Significant progress today from the world s 2 largest emitters. The joint statement from the U.S. and China sends a signal to all parties at #COP26 that the global community is ready to take significant steps to reduce emissions in this decade in order to limit warming to 1.5C. 80 replies 303 retweets 1,388 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Al Gore Verified account @algore Nov 6 More The bipartisan infrastructure bill is a critical step forward in greening our grid, deploying EVs, and building resilience to climate impacts. But we must do more to tackle the climate crisis. The House & Senate must swiftly step up and pass @POTUS's Build Back Better framework. 89 replies 413 retweets 2,377 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Al Gore Verified account @algore Nov 5 More Today in Glasgow, young people from around the world are taking to the streets for #FridaysForFuture. To all those in the halls of #COP26, now is the time to listen to their voices and act. Their future is in your hands. 109 replies 313 retweets 1,457 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Al Gore Verified account @algore Nov 3 More It's always a privilege to take the @TEDTalks stage. This year at @TEDCountdown, I talked about the steps we must take to reform our systems and make climate action (instead of climate despair) the new normal. We can do this. #COP26 41 replies 87 retweets 333 likes Reply 41 Retweet 87 Retweeted 87 Like 333 Liked 333

Al Gore Verified account @algore Nov 1 More I am grateful to be here at #COP26 as nations gather to build on the momentum of the #ParisAgreement. We must seize this critical moment and work swiftly to meet the urgency of the climate crisis. The future is collectively in our hands! 195 replies 331 retweets 2,183 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Al Gore Verified account @algore Oct 30 More I m excited to invite you to join me for a special livestream with @TEDTalks! The @TEDCountdown Global Livestream is a 2-hour event that will showcase the boldest climate ideas from all over the world. Tune in TODAY at @ 12pm ET. #TEDCountdown 41 replies 97 retweets 341 likes Reply 41 Retweet 97 Retweeted 97 Like 341 Liked 341

Al Gore Verified account @algore Oct 29 More Frontline communities are often impacted first & worst by pollution & extreme weather events. This is a crisis of climate injustice. We need REAL action to invest in frontline communities to protect their futures. #LetsGetReal Climate Reality 36 replies 110 retweets 322 likes Reply 36 Retweet 110 Retweeted 110 Like 322 Liked 322

Al Gore Verified account @algore Oct 29 More As the world prepares for #COP26, we re demanding real action from our leaders to stop the climate crisis in its tracks. We need to see follow-through and action, not gimmicks or weak pledges. Time is running out. #LetsGetReal Climate Reality 39 replies 125 retweets 414 likes Reply 39 Retweet 125 Retweeted 125 Like 414 Liked 414

Al Gore Verified account @algore Oct 29 More In every corner of the world, climate champions are raising their voice as one today to say: let's get REAL on #ClimateAction. I invite you to join us. Share why climate action matters to you and use the hashtag #LetsGetReal together, we can t be ignored. 60 replies 266 retweets 813 likes Reply 60 Retweet 266 Retweeted 266 Like 813 Liked 813

Al Gore Verified account @algore Oct 29 More Today, climate advocates around the globe joined with @ClimateReality to demand REAL action that solves this crisis and centers climate justice. But there s more work to do. Find out how to get involved & take action in your part of the world at 60 replies 143 retweets 410 likes Reply 60 Retweet 143 Retweeted 143 Like 410 Liked 410

Al Gore Verified account @algore Oct 29 More We cannot let greenwashing & hollow promises jeopardize our progress towards real change. Today, @ClimateReality is leading a day of action to demand that leaders take the bold steps needed to solve the climate crisis. Join us by visiting #LetsGetReal 197 replies 349 retweets 1,003 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Al Gore Verified account @algore Oct 28 More Let's build the pressure needed to convince our leaders to act before it s too late. Join @ClimateReality tomorrow for a day of action & demand that world leaders take real steps like cutting emissions & investing in climate justice at #COP26. #LetsGetReal 41 replies 201 retweets 537 likes Reply 41 Retweet 201 Retweeted 201 Like 537 Liked 537

Al Gore Verified account @algore Oct 27 More The financial sector must play a significant role in driving solutions to the climate crisis. Today, Generation Investment Management announced the creation of Just Climate, a climate-led investment business dedicated to doing just that. Find out more: 23 replies 85 retweets 281 likes Reply 23 Retweet 85 Retweeted 85 Like 281 Liked 281

Al Gore Verified account @algore Oct 26 More Al Gore Retweeted Washington Post Live It was a joy to join @AlexandriaV2005 & @IgnatiusPost for a conversation on the state of the climate crisis in the lead-up to #COP26. I remain very hopeful that we can solve this. The solutions are already available, we just need our leaders to swiftly deploy them. Al Gore added, 4:53 Washington Post LiveVerified account @PostLive .@algore tells @IgnatiusPost: This sustainability revolution... is the largest new business opportunity in all of history. It has the magnitude of the industrial revolution coupled with the speed of the digital revolution. #PostLive 22 replies 49 retweets 197 likes Reply 22 Retweet 49 Retweeted 49 Like 197 Liked 197

Al Gore Verified account @algore Oct 18 More We cannot afford to risk our water systems with more fossil fuel projects. This insightful op-ed by my daughter, @KarennaGore, outlines why the Mountain Valley Pipeline should not move forward. #NoMVP 85 replies 137 retweets 424 likes Reply 85 Retweet 137 Retweeted 137 Like 424 Liked 424

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