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User Profile: Scott MinerdVerified account @ScottMinerd Global Chief Investment Officer of @GuggenheimPtnrs. These are my views on the global economy and financial markets USA Joined August 2010

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Dec 1 More With the 30-year Treasury bond at 1.75%, expect it to return to 1.40%. As for the 10-year note, if it goes below 1.40% it is likely to head to 1.20%. 43 replies 79 retweets 492 likes Reply 43 Retweet 79 Retweeted 79 Like 492 Liked 492

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Nov 24 More Pricing in the Asia high-yield market has become detached from other credit markets to a degree rarely seen. Lack of a positive correlation implies that markets expect spillover effects from Evergrande will be minimal. 0 replies 12 retweets 52 likes Reply Retweet 12 Retweeted 12 Like 52 Liked 52

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Nov 22 More Market views #Powell nomination as hawkish move on #inflation as short rates rise to flatten yield curve. Now we'll find out if Senate progressives and Republicans will support. 7 replies 11 retweets 66 likes Reply 7 Retweet 11 Retweeted 11 Like 66 Liked 66

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Nov 11 More Scott Minerd Retweeted Austin Highsmith Garces Winter, an amazing creature who inspired so many, especially those suffering physical handicaps has passed away. What a sad day. If you don't know her story you should. She truly was inspiration for us all. Scott Minerd added, Austin Highsmith GarcesVerified account @AustinHighsmith How can I put into words what Winter meant to me & to millions of kids and people this one little dolphin changed the world. She touched millions & millions of lives. Her story was reflected in the hearts of so many people s personal struggles & she inspired countless (1) Show this thread 2 replies 6 retweets 65 likes Reply 2 Retweet 6 Retweeted 6 Like 65 Liked 65

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Nov 11 More As we pause to mark the anniversary of the end of the Great War, I am reminded of the contribution of the #veterans working at Guggenheim whose discipline & experience make our firm stronger. Thank you for your sacrifice to our country & devotion to our firm. God bless you! 3 replies 3 retweets 62 likes Reply 3 Retweet 3 Retweeted 3 Like 62 Liked 62

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Nov 5 More Until leading economic indicators point to #recession, asset prices have upside potential. 13 replies 18 retweets 85 likes Reply 13 Retweet 18 Retweeted 18 Like 85 Liked 85

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Nov 1 More The 20s/30s curve inverted for the first time since 2009 and the forward curve is also flat. Based on data from the last three business cycles, that level has historically preceded recessions by an average of 28 months. 23 replies 82 retweets 291 likes Reply 23 Retweet 82 Retweeted 82 Like 291 Liked 291

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Oct 29 More Spike in yields at the front end of the #yieldcurve reflects surge in expectations of rapid increase in rates by #Fed. Why then are longer term #bonds rallying? Fed will contain #inflation and in the process risk an earlier #recession. 16 replies 24 retweets 123 likes Reply 16 Retweet 24 Retweeted 24 Like 123 Liked 123

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Oct 27 More Interesting read 19 replies 7 retweets 40 likes Reply 19 Retweet 7 Retweeted 7 Like 40 Liked 40

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Oct 20 More Bull markets climb a wall of worry and we have a big wall ahead of us. We could still have a bull market into the 1st half of next year because of excess liquidity in the system and positive seasonal factors. #MIGlobal 25 replies 31 retweets 134 likes Reply 25 Retweet 31 Retweeted 31 Like 134 Liked 134

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Sep 27 More Despite the recent sell-off, the 40-year bull market in #bonds is still intact. Investors need to stay disciplined and consider remaining long their target duration. 47 replies 22 retweets 123 likes Reply 47 Retweet 22 Retweeted 22 Like 123 Liked 123

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Sep 22 More Happy Birthday in Glory. @dodgers @tommylasorda 4 replies 4 retweets 64 likes Reply 4 Retweet 4 Retweeted 4 Like 64 Liked 64

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Sep 21 More Last night Jo Lasorda, my dear friend and wife of @Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda, passed into Glory where she rests in the Everlasting Arms of her Savior. She was a blessing to everyone she touched. The Dodger Family and all of baseball will miss you, Jo! 5 replies 3 retweets 94 likes Reply 5 Retweet 3 Retweeted 3 Like 94 Liked 94

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Sep 15 More Markets appear to have gotten the inflation-is-transitory message. The long end of the yield curve is now flatter than it was in August 2020 when Chair Powell unveiled the Fed s new policy strategy. 21 replies 22 retweets 129 likes Reply 21 Retweet 22 Retweeted 22 Like 129 Liked 129

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Sep 14 More As the equity market reaches new highs, the divergence in the advance-decline line suggests we may be approaching a top. In the past, such divergence has indicated the market is vulnerable to a sell-off. Seasonals suggest caution. 43 replies 86 retweets 391 likes Reply 43 Retweet 86 Retweeted 86 Like 391 Liked 391

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Aug 31 More Economic slowdown increases possibility of risk asset pullback. Credit spreads tend to tighten when manufacturing picks up & widen when it slows. Investors should move up in quality, but not avoid the sector as growth should remain positive. 26 replies 16 retweets 97 likes Reply 26 Retweet 16 Retweeted 16 Like 97 Liked 97

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Aug 27 More So much for the taper tantrum. 32 replies 29 retweets 391 likes Reply 32 Retweet 29 Retweeted 29 Like 391 Liked 391

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Aug 18 More Expectations are mounting for a September #Fed announcement of tapering plans, but I don t see that happening. The Delta variant is having a significant impact on consumer behavior and slowing the forward progress of the economy. 55 replies 71 retweets 364 likes Reply 55 Retweet 71 Retweeted 71 Like 364 Liked 364

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Aug 11 More July #CPI validates the transitory nature of #inflation spikes, as used car prices softened, and airfares and car rental prices showed outright declines. Bondholders are breathing a little easier. 37 replies 25 retweets 116 likes Reply 37 Retweet 25 Retweeted 25 Like 116 Liked 116

Scott Minerd Verified account @ScottMinerd Jul 30 More If people start to move beyond cognitive dissonance about the Delta variant and transition to panic or even simply risk reduction, at current extreme valuations risk assets are in trouble. 64 replies 52 retweets 198 likes Reply 64 Retweet 52 Retweeted 52 Like 198 Liked 198

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