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User Profile: FollowClick to Follow SJosephBurnsSteve Burns@SJosephBurnsI tweet about trading, financial markets, & financial freedom. I also share what I find inspiring & motivating. I m a trader & the founder of http://NewTraderU.comTennessee USAnewtraderuniversity.comJoined October 2010237 Following473.1K Followers

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 1hThe No.1 Habit Billionaires Run Dailynewtraderu.comThe No.1 Habit Billionaires Run Daily - New Trader UThe number 1 habit almost every billionaire has is a visualization of the future they want to create. If you read their autobiographies, every self-made billionaire starts with a vision they have...28

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 2hThis is how many IRS employees that are approved to be hired with the Inflation Reduction Act: 87,000 pictured below 41751

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 3hFed keeping the stock market up with fast monetary policy:0:1910.5M viewsFrom Dudes Posting Their W s31151

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 3hFBI raids Mar-a-Lago: Trump said his home was 'under siege by large group of agents who even broke into my safe' : Daily Mail UK51445

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 4hWarren Buffett: Why You Should Never Invest In #Bitcoinnewtraderu.comWarren Buffett: Why You Should Never Invest In Bitcoin - New Trader UWarren Buffett has been very vocal about Bitcoin with his opinions, predictions, and what he believes will be the logical outcome of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market over the long-term. Let's...4417

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 7hMeme stock reversals: $GME $AMC1410

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 7hAll major index ETFS were rejected at the overhead 200-day EMA resistance line today. $SPY $QQQ $DIA $IWMTrendSpider5748

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 7h13 Reasons Why Traders Failnewtraderu.com13 Reasons Why Traders Fail - New Trader UBy Scott Redler What is your goal as a trader? To make $1,000 a month? $1 million a year? No matter how big your goals are, you have to start by not losing. You have to start by avoiding common...3426


Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 9hECB injects billions of euros into weaker eurozone debt markets: @ftbrussels115

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 9hThe average bear market bounce is ~14% which is how far the $SPX has rallied from the lows: @LeifSoreide31279

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 9hWarren Buffett: Why I d Bet Against Tesla (UNBELIEVABLE) $TSLAnewtraderu.comWarren Buffett: Why I d Bet Against Tesla (UNBELIEVABLE) - New Trader UWarren Buffett and Elon Musk have spared back and forth many times. With Musk calling Buffett simply a master allocator of capital and not an innovator of businesses or technology. "I'm not Warren...2418

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 10hU.S. to send $4.5 billion more to Ukraine for budget needs: Reuters9662

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 12hBeware of rug pulls in the stock market during runs like this.58114

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 12hStrong swing higher on terrible fundamentals and extremely overbought levels. Trend traders winning so far.2553

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 12hWarren Buffett s 5/25 Rule Will Help You Focus On The Things That Matternewtraderu.comWarren Buffett s 5/25 Rule Will Help You Focus On The Things That Matter - New Trader UThere is a story floating around online and in books that says Warren Buffett, supposedly gave his personal pilot life coaching and told him the secret to success was on setting life's goals and then...318

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 12hFighting inflation by raising interest rates by 0.75%:0:353.2M viewsFrom Senator Ted Cruz1983402

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 12hFix inflation in three words or less: 21710152

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 12hMeme stocks are back: $GME $AMC41124

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 12hShort squeeze: $BBBY 1328

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 12hFree markets versus socialist ideals:2:1812.4K viewsFrom Ian McKelvey340122

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 12hHow to stop inflation:0:4443.6K viewsFrom ThreeLinesOnly45144


Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 13hBig earnings miss: $NVDA1213


Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 14hArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Trading: How are they changing the world of Trading? Guest Postnewtraderu.comArtificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Trading: How are they changing the world of...This is a guest post by Saloni Bogati of Latest technological phenomena like ML and AI transform businesses, industries, and their scope of growth. The finance industry is notorious...311

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 14hWithout telling us your age, what was the first stock chart that you loved?88397

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 14hSchool was designed to train employees.1233235

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 14h Swinging for the fences doesn t work out 9 out of 10 times. But when it does, your life will change forever. - @noahkagan #MondayMotivation #Business1319

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 14hStock market drop parameters: -2% Normal Range -5% Dip -10% Correction -20% Bear Market -50% Crash21784

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 14hIt doesn t matter what your politics are, the laws of economics stay the same.21397

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 15hLegends of Trading: The Story of Jesse Livermorenewtraderu.comLegends of Trading: The Story of Jesse Livermore - New Trader UJesse Livermore is one of the most fascinating trading legends in history. His rise from humble beginnings to the peak of trading success and his multiple bankruptcies and final ending has fascinated...1937

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 18hHow To Win The Game Of Trading: 6 Lessons Learned During 30 Years Of Trial And Errornewtraderu.comHow To Win The Game Of Trading: 6 Lessons Learned During 30 Years Of Trial And Error - New Trader UMost studies show that 90% of traders and investors don't make money over the long-term. The majority of traders, even if they get lucky and profitable early just give back those gains over time....21450

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 21h$28 Billion Day Trader that Even Warren Buffett$28 Billion Day Trader that Even Warren Buffett Acknowledges - New Trader UDuring Berkshire-Hathaway's 2021 annual shareholders meeting they were asked by Becky Quick: "What do you think of quants?" "Jim Simons Medallion Fund has done +39% net of fees for three decades,...2858

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns 23hA 25+ year experienced stock market mentor that I highly recommend to help navigate the market is @DanFitzpatrick Follow him for his free chart of the day that is always informative & educational Test drive his educational resources here-> #NTUpartner21475

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns Aug 8The Billionaire Algorithm (It can change your future)newtraderu.comThe Billionaire Algorithm (It can change your future) - New Trader UAn algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or problem-solving, especially by a computer. What if there was a system that people used knowingly or not, to become wealthy?...535

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns Aug 7Support and Resistance Cheatsheet (95% Of Traders Don t Know This)newtraderu.comSupport and Resistance Cheatsheet (95% Of Traders Don t Know This) - New Trader UIn technical analysis, support is the price level on a chart that is quantified with a horizontal trend line that identifies the high probability location where buyers are located based on previous...11856

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns Aug 7Senate approves Inflation Reduction Act, clinching long-delayed health and climate bill: Washington Post6650

Steve Burns@SJosephBurns Aug 7Candlestick Charts: The ULTIMATE beginners guide to reading a candlestick chartnewtraderu.comCandlestick charts: The ULTIMATE beginners guide to reading a candlestick chart - New Trader UCandlesticks are a type of chart setting available on trading platforms that creates a visually representation of price action on a time period. A candlestick shows a contrast between the opening and...1561

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