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User Profile: FollowClick to Follow LizAnnSondersLiz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSondersChief Investment Strategist, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Disclosures:, FL schwab.comJoined January 2015636 Following294.8K Followers

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 4hStocks weaker as brief reprieve from Fed minutes didn t last; Energy outperformed as Comm Serv and Materials were laggards small caps underperformed large caps, with S&P 500 faring best relative to other broad indexes; Russell 1000 Value has retaken YTD lead but lags MTD11891

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 6hMy latest Market Snapshot, taped yesterday, in which I discuss inflation and jobs thanks as always for tuning inschwab.comMarket Snapshot | August 2022Liz Ann Sonders shares her perspective on the U.S. stock market and economy in this monthly Market Snapshot video.11981

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 12hRetail sales +10.3% y/y in July, up from +8.5% growth in June trend has re-accelerated since March29102368

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 12h20d moving average of equity put/call ratio is at its lowest since beginning of May429133

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 12hSector highlights (prior month): E-commerce +2.7% (+0.9%) Bldg materials +1.5% (-0.5%) Electronics +0.4% (-0.1%) Food/bev +0.2% (+0.9%) Eating/drinking +0.1% (+0.8%) Dept stores -0.5% (-2.4%) Clothing -0.6% (+0.9%) Motor vehicles/parts -1.6% (+0.5%) Gas stations -1.8% (+2.5%)1863

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Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 12hJuly retail sales 0% vs. +0.1% est. & +0.8% in prior month (rev down from +1%); sales ex-autos +0.4% vs. -0.1% est. & +0.9% in prior month ; sales ex-autos & gas +0.7% vs. +0.4% est. & +0.7% in prior month control group +0.8% vs. +0.6% est. & +0.7% in prior month642150

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Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 13hWhen adjusted for inflation, average price of college tuition for public and nonprofit universities has declined for first time in 30 years @DataArbor 2999296

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 13hSince S&P 500 s January 3 peak, Utilities (orange) have been performing well against broader market, while Tech (blue) has lagged [Past performance is no guarantee of future results]1369

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 13hThough manufacturing report from @NewYorkFed was dismal for August, services PMI ticked up (still negative at -4.4) business climate index little changed at -29.5 as companies viewed environment as worse than normal for this time of year; employment growth modest1247

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 13hJuly saw largest monthly drop in single family housing units under construction since April 2020782265

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 14hInflation remains top of mind for Americans and is still discussed quite a bit when compared to other major issues like Ukraine war, supply chain, and recession (per coverage tracked across nine major TV networks) @DataArbor @vutvnews 73699

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 14hGDPNow model from @AtlantaFed has moved down to +1.8% (q/q annualized) for 3Q22 real gross private domestic investment revised down from +0.2% to -3.6%; real government spending revised up from +1.7% to +2%2573

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 14hMotor vehicle component of industrial production surged in July; now at highest level since July 202041685

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 14hShipping rates remain in freefall this year, with cost of sending 40ft container from Shanghai to Los Angeles down by 45% from peak363081,142

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 14hHousing starts are in a definitively weak position/trend relative to 12m moving average not yet consistent with prior two recessions weakest points but momentum to downside has picked up22087

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders 14hMemes are back for now Bed Bath & Beyond has garnered most attention of late, surging by >200% from its recent 40-day low S&P 500 s move up is hardly noticeable now that other memes have been rallying626132

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Joining @CNBCAsia around 6:10pm ET this evening4337

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Another day where market emerged from negative territory to close up; Cons Staples and Cons Discr led while mix of defensives and cyclicals fell Russell 1000 Value shot higher again and continues to chip away at its YTD loss, bringing it to -5%1436133

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16ICYMI: Quote TweetLiz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 15As usual on Mondays, joining #SchwabLiveDaily for #LizAnnLive from 3:30-4:00pm ET today

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16According to @Bloomberg transcripts of U.S. companies earnings calls & presentations, onshoring/reshoring/nearshoring buzzwords are being thrown around more often than ever this year, exceeding level seen in early days of pandemic @StatistaCharts16103332

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16July industrial production +0.6% vs. +0.3% est. & 0% in prior month (rev up from -0.2%) factory production +0.7% vs. +0.3% est. & -0.4% in prior month (rev up from -0.5%)1137180


Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Swing and a miss for starts: July housing starts -9.6% vs. -2.1% est. & +2.4% in prior month (rev up from -2%) building permits -1.3% vs. -3.3% est. & -0.6% in prior month872283

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Homebuyers are backing out roughly 63,000 home purchase agreements fell through in July, which equals 16.1% of homes that went under contract that month; highest % since March/April 2020 @Redfin 434231,261

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Index drawdowns table and super 7 drawdowns chart updated thru yesterday s close21780

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16MA breadth charts updated thru yesterday s close (Utilities remain at 100% relative to both averages; with Energy bringing up rear relative to 50-dma & Comm Svcs relative to 200-dma)11063

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Joining @SquawkStreet on @CNBC around 10:10am ET this morning5558

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Check-ins to offices have fallen in Austin since April, while stabilizing in New York, Chicago, and DC since June San Francisco has seen increase since June @KastleSystems 71676

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Rolling 120d correlation between S&P 500 (blue) and 10y U.S. Treasury yield (orange) has fallen back into negative territory for first time since summer 2021235171

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Hedge funds' favorite stocks (as tracked by @GoldmanSachs ) are rebounding ... cohort is having its best quarter thus far since 4Q20 [Past performance is no guarantee of future results]21163

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Investors are upping exposure to equity ETFs, which now make up 43% of inflows on rolling 1-month basis U.S. Treasuries have lost share while corporates are holding rather firm at 22% @DataArbor 22681

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16S&P 500 homebuilding sub-industry has been outperforming broader market since April (though choppy) but homebuilder sentiment has continued to decline markedly over same period [Past performance is no guarantee of future results]21686

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Hedge funds 2Q outflows of $27.5 billion more than offset inflows of $19.8 billion in 1Q per @Bloomberg #Intelligence money pulled as performance has sagged of late227121

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Prospective buyers traffic portion of @NAHBhome homebuilder sentiment continues to plunge as of July, 6-month change was worst since pandemic initially erupted42087

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Not that SPACtacular anymore 42 SPACs have broken up this year as industry continues to struggle; value of terminated deals adds up to roughly $4.3 billion and includes firms in crypto, space, and tech industries (among others) @SPACresearch @Bloomberg 635128

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Despite slight uptick in consumer sentiment recently (as measured by @UMich) , confidence in being able to buy vehicles, houses, and large household durables is firmly recessionary and hovering near lowest since 1980s1393306

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 16Outlook for employee workweek not good per Empire Manufacturing 6m expectations for workweek worst since October 2012427108

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 15Market managed to pull itself out of negative territory, led by Cons Staples and Utilities; growth-oriented sectors strong as well, while Energy took a dive given weak oil price Russell 1000 Value popped higher today but still lags Russell 2000 Value YTD (slightly) and MTD619151

Liz Ann Sonders@LizAnnSonders Aug 15As usual on Mondays, joining #SchwabLiveDaily for #LizAnnLive from 3:30-4:00pm ET todayschwab.comSchwabLive2624

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