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User Profile: Cory BookerVerified account @CoryBooker U.S. Senator from New Jersey. Most tweets (and typos) are mine, some are my team s. He/him. Newark, NJ Joined August 2008

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Dec 3 More Reflecting on the importance light during Hanukkah. 38 replies 83 retweets 478 likes Reply 38 Retweet 83 Retweeted 83 Like 478 Liked 478

Jenna Lowenstein Verified account @just_jenna Dec 3 More Jenna Lowenstein Retweeted Jen Bluestein Team Booker: the tragic MI school shooting touched our family. Sarah, mentioned below, served on @CoryBooker s 02 mayor s race. Now her family needs help to get through this unimaginable time. Can you lift the GoFundMes set to support Eli + Phoebe s recoveries? Jenna Lowenstein added, Jen Bluestein @TheRealJenBlue For most of us, the school shooting in Oxford, MI earlier this week is already a distant memory. But for my friend Sarah s family, it s not: her nephew & his girlfriend were shot. They have a long, painful road ahead of them. 1/x Show this thread 9 replies 41 retweets 101 likes Reply 9 Retweet 41 Retweeted 41 Like 101 Liked 101 Show this thread Show this thread

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 29 More Donate any amount today and we ll send you a sticker! 178 replies 79 retweets 242 likes Reply 178 Retweet 79 Retweeted 79 Like 242 Liked 242

Harry Litman Verified account @harrylitman Nov 29 More Here's an ALL-NEW very special @talkingfedspod episode on Big Agriculture. 3 fantastic guests/leading national voices on the ravaging effects of Big Ag--@CoryBooker @michaelpollan & @blkfarmer--lay out the ravaging effects & possible solutions. Link at 10 replies 20 retweets 92 likes Reply 10 Retweet 20 Retweeted 20 Like 92 Liked 92

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 28 More Chag sameach to all observing the start of Hanukkah tonight. I hope you and your loved ones have a joyous Festival of Lights. 23 replies 108 retweets 1,288 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 27 More Research and data tell us the most effective and safe way to protect against COVID-19 is for anyone over 5 to be vaccinated and, if eligible, get their booster shot. Do it today! 122 replies 254 retweets 2,407 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 26 More Spread love. Give joy. Be kind. 159 replies 643 retweets 6,875 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 25 More Who are Turkeys thankful for on Thanksgiving? Vegans. 382 replies 867 retweets 10,766 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 25 More Wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving. After not being able to safely gather last year, I m especially grateful for the researchers and scientists who made these miracle vaccines that allow us to join together this holiday. 173 replies 179 retweets 2,514 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 24 More We cannot root out hate and violence without holding perpetrators accountable. This is an important step. But make no mistake: there cannot be true justice in this case because in a just America, Ahmaud Arbery would still be alive. 62 replies 206 retweets 1,536 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 23 More The Child Tax Credit is already putting a stop to hunger and poverty for millions of families. We must continue this credit and pass the Build Back Better act. 32 replies 52 retweets 284 likes Reply 32 Retweet 52 Retweeted 52 Like 284 Liked 284

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 19 More House Democrats just passed the Build Back Better Act, now we can take it up in Senate. Democrats are continuing to deliver results for the American people. 136 replies 250 retweets 2,371 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 18 More Cory Booker Retweeted Aaron Reichlin-Melnick Wow! I cofounded the Environmental Justice Caucus in The Senate. One of the top predictors of whether you live in a toxic environment (drink poisoned water, breathe dirty air, live around contaminated soil) is sadly the color of your skin. This is powerful: Cory Booker added, Aaron Reichlin-Melnick @ReichlinMelnick Incredible footnote ending a dissent from Judge Rawlinson, in a 9th Circuit case upholding the FAA's decision to greenlight a new Amazon air cargo hub at the San Bernadino airport. 29 replies 76 retweets 308 likes Reply 29 Retweet 76 Retweeted 76 Like 308 Liked 308

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 18 More We must stop the execution of Julius Jones. His case was a miscarriage of justice, we should not be cruelly executing anyone, let alone an innocent man. I urge @GovStitt to follow the recommendation of the Pardon and Parole board to grant him clemency. 42 replies 419 retweets 1,076 likes Reply Retweet Retweeted Like Liked

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 18 More If you are eligible to receive a COVID-19 booster shot, you can make an appointment right now at . It's critical to protecting yourself and ending this pandemic. 28 replies 74 retweets 288 likes Reply 28 Retweet 74 Retweeted 74 Like 288 Liked 288

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 17 More Cory Booker Retweeted Sherrilyn Ifill Thank you my friend for all you have done in your vital and historic work at @NAACP_LDF. Cory Booker added, Sherrilyn IfillVerified account @Sifill_LDF So many emotions today. Pride at what I ve been able to accomplish @NAACP_LDF .Love for our amazing staff. Intense gratitude to my civil rights colleagues who have walked this walk w/me. Excitement abt the leadership of my sis @JNelsonLDF . 11 replies 95 retweets 823 likes Reply 11 Retweet 95 Retweeted 95 Like 823 Liked 823

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 16 More A great coach s impact goes way beyond the field - they are mentors to young people and pillars of their community. My heart breaks for the Ramapo family and Coach Gibbs loved ones. 8 replies 16 retweets 170 likes Reply 8 Retweet 16 Retweeted 16 Like 170 Liked 170

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 15 More In awe of Senator Leahy s career and legacy, grateful for his friendship and service to our country. You will be missed my friend. 35 replies 70 retweets 997 likes Reply 35 Retweet 70 Retweeted 70 Like 997 Liked 997

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 15 More Today when millions of American Families receive their next installment of the expanded Child Tax Credit, it will directly help lift children out of poverty and end food insecurity for families. 51 replies 127 retweets 483 likes Reply 51 Retweet 127 Retweeted 127 Like 483 Liked 483

Cory Booker Verified account @CoryBooker Nov 13 More Thanks to this bill we can begin making long-overdue investments in our infrastructure, right here in New Jersey and across the country. 59 replies 75 retweets 507 likes Reply 59 Retweet 75 Retweeted 75 Like 507 Liked 507

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