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User Profile: FollowClick to Follow 5_min_macroFive Minute Macro@5_min_macroMacro Trader; tweeting on rates, FX, equities, commods, life's rich roughly that order. Not looking to set the world to rights in 140 charactersJoined May 20101,718 Following21.1K Followers

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Aug 15Also a potent metaphor for German energy policy. -ossified and comically wrong-headed.Quote TweetBrian Roemmele@BrianRoemmele Aug 14In 1663, the partial fossilised skeleton of a woolly rhinoceros was discovered in Germany. This is the Magdeburg Unicorn , one of the worst fossil reconstructions in human history.1211

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Aug 12Fintwit; bloody hell.10

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Aug 12Fission for a big payday? One has to wonder whether this story, which drowned amidst a sea of similar scandals, is due to be re-aired?theguardian.comTrump s cronies are in secret talks to sell nuclear tech to Saudi. The risks are clearThe congressional report on this multibillion-dollar scheme provides further evidence of attempts to monetise the Trump presidency2111

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Aug 11You know it's the dog days of summer when a debate about whether inflation is zero or 8.5% gets mad traction.217

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Aug 10Inflation Reduction Act doing its thing. The naming was a smart piece of political theatre - take the credit for inflation falling, and if it doesn't,'re screwed anyway.112

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Aug 5Now and then, I read The Economist when my wife buys it at an airport (I also buy the Christmas issue religiously). Anyway, what's going on in South Africa these days? 'Pravin Gordhan, the minister who oversees state-owned firms, and yet another communist...' <closes magazine>24

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Aug 5Got around to @FD's Money Men. Great book, but my lingering feeling is astonished disappointment. You can barely even call it a fraud: they just made up the clients and the numbers and wrote them in a spreadsheet. If that's all it takes these days, the implications are scary.1419

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Aug 4I'm a bit late to this, but Everything Everywhere All at Once is absolutely incredible. Do yourself a favour and see it.2216

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Aug 1The thought occurs that, by combining sophisticated payments technology with weak controls, rampant money-laundering and ill-advised levels of leverage on toxic securities, crypto promoters have reinvented European banking.13

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 21Everyone: Negative ECB rates have been a total disaster. ECB: Raises rates to zero. Everyone: You absolute imbeciles!Quote TweetFive Minute Macro@5_min_macro Feb 3Everyone: Negative ECB rates have been a total disaster. ECB: *muses about raising rates* Everyone: No, not like that!2215

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 19'The threat is stronger than its execution' - Aron NimzowitschQuote TweetReuters@Reuters Jul 19Exclusive: Russian gas flows via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline are seen restarting on time Thursday after the completion of scheduled maintenance, two sources familiar with the export plans told @Reuters

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 19Incredible scenes.2120

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 19It's all starting to make sense now.113

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 19If you're complaining that you're not getting robust forward guidance when inflation is this high and volatile, IDK what to tell you. Fwd guidance was a tool to amplify the effects of dovish monetary policy by squashing the forward curve, not a permanent architectural feature.4522

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 14If the ECB caps lo spread for the next 20 years, we should probably look forward to more of the same political and economic stasis and drift. Whether this will ultimately prove to be a net positive for Italy is left as an exercise for the reader.16

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 14Italian governance:GIFread image descriptionALT6

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 13We've reached the 'bad inflation is good inflation' stage of the cycle.118

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 13Maybe we need to be spending less time analysing the month to month vagaries of this item vs that item and more time considering inflation dynamics here?27

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 12'Elon has painted himself into a legal corner this time' is simply the 2022 variant of 'surely this has to be the end for Trump'. In the words of Marlo Stanfield: 'You want it to be one way. But it's the other way.'1111

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 11The Euro Tether Markets worrying about Italian liabilities.Quote TweetJoe Weisenthal@TheStalwart Jul 11How rough is it going in Europe? Check this out. One euro is barely worth more than one Tether.111

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 9Elon's Twitter army of weird nerds have segued from being experts on battery technology and the economics of the auto industry to being experts on M&A law. Impressive breadth.133

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 9BoJo is like the love child of Donald Trump and Paddington Bear...America will lap him up.ft.comHow much can Boris Johnson earn after leaving Downing Street?Outgoing prime minister can expect to secure his biggest paydays overseas5

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 8Would I be right in guessing that the crypto universe has poisoned itself w the influx of sell-side quants with FOMO? Like, where did all this exotic leverage come from all of a sudden? It wouldn't spring organically from the minds of libertarian IT nerds, I wouldn't have thought4218

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 7The only thing I feel certain of is that certainty will be punished in this market. If you feel yourself developing strong convictions, have a word with yourself.117

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 7Maybe we shouldn't have been so dismissive of strange women lying in ponds distributing swords as a basis for a system of government?431

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 72

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 6Everybody citing Downfall, but surely the final scene of Scarface is the more appropriate move reference .3112

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 6Boris is like Monty Python's Black Knight; every single Minister could resign, and he'd just carry on as if nothing's happened. Sure, there's a breaking point, but it's further out of the money than any sane person would judge it to be - Tories as GOP-lite always a useful prism.220

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 6It is with great sadness that I must announce my resignation as Minister for X. While I have wallowed in incompetence, deceit and corruption for the past three years, I hold one principle dear: I can no longer defend it now that my colleagues are no longer defending it. Yours etc1110

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 6Conventional wisdom in macro is whatever worked 10 years ago. Depressing but true.Quote TweetPradyumna@PradyuPrasad Jul 6when Japan grew ... commentators said it was a special case propelled by postwar recovery. When the four East Asian tigers ... matched it, skeptics said it was only possible because they were so small. When China surpassed them, people said it was only because China was so big.113

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 6How many resignations would it take for Jacob Rees-Mogg to be elevated to a proper job?28

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 5One reason that we're seeing these wild moves in asset prices is that the world has been getting more financialised co-dependently with macroeconomic cycles getting tamped down. We're simply not well equipped for this degree of financialisation to meet this macro volatility.2222

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 5Being European means being invited to none of the parties, but all of the funerals.Quote TweetConor Sen@conorsen Jul 5The European economy is taking the hit so US consumers don t have to.Show this thread418

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 4Another echo of the 2008 GFC is that this odious twerp is losing money and trying to wriggle off the hook.ft.comRobert Tchenguiz loses court fight with CMC over spread betting debtUK property investor ordered to pay 1.31mn after trades went awry during the pandemic18

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 4Update: Banks: Negative ECB rates have been a total disaster. ECB: *prepares to raise rates* Banks: ECB: No, not like that!Quote TweetFive Minute Macro@5_min_macro Feb 3Everyone: Negative ECB rates have been a total disaster. ECB: *muses about raising rates* Everyone: No, not like that!15

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 4This is poor from the ECB. The optics are unfortunate, but this doesn't remotely justify abrogating a loan contract. Inter alia, such arbitrary actions will poison the well for the next time the ECB needs the banks to carry water for them.ft.comECB to discuss blocking banks from multibillion-euro windfall as rates riseGoverning council to discuss potential bonanza for lenders from ultra-cheap pandemic loans3429

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 2'Boris Johnson Weighs 50-Year Mortgages That Children Can Inherit' 28

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jul 1All I see in the last couple of weeks of fixed income price action is people lurching wildly from one side of the boat to the other and back again. Extract meaningful signals at your peril.8

Five Minute Macro@5_min_macro Jun 30Pomp meets circumstance:cnbc.comFTX closes in on a deal to buy embattled crypto lender BlockFi for $25 million in a fire sale,...Crypto giant FTX is close to finalizing a term sheet to buy BlockFi, sources familiar with the situation told CNBC.1110


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