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Hi, I’m Jackson Galaxy AKA The Cat Daddy. Welcome to my channel, the home of everything that is unbelievably amazing about your cat. I’m the host and Executive Producer of Animal Planet β€˜s “My Cat From Hell.” Don’t let the name fool you, though – I’m here to challenge every negative stereotype you’ve ever heard about cats – and the people who love them. I was a working musician who took a job in a shelter, developed something I call Cat Mojo, and I’ve spent over 25 years preaching it everywhere – in houses like yours, in classrooms, on stages around the world, on TV, in the middle of the street – and right here. I also write books! “Total Cat Mojo,” Cat Daddy,” and the New York Times Bestsellers “Catification” and β€œCatify to Satisfy.” Please check out Jackson galaxy project.org to learn more about helping cats everywhere.

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