Seventh Generation Free and Clear Diapers Stage 4 (22-37 lbs) – 30 Diapers
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UPC: 732913440634
Total Weight: 2.15 lbs (0.98 kg)
Package Format: 30 Diapers

Use Free and Clear Diapers by Seventh Generation to keep your baby and free from leaks and protected against toxic materials.Free and Clear Diapers give you and your baby the absorbency needed without using any of the irritating materials found in other diapers. Besides being free of chlorine, whitening agents, fragrances and petrolium-based lotions, Free and Clear Diapers are made with a natural brown core that offers premium absorbancy.  The hypoallergenic ingredients make these diapers choice for all babies, even for those with sensitive skin, and they’re available in sizes that fit up to a 35 pound child.Keep bleach, chlorine and other toxic materials away from your baby’s bum with Free and Clear Diapers by Seventh Generation.  Get yours at eVitamins now and save!

Notes: Not processed with chlorine. Contains no petroleum based lotions, latex or fragrances. Trace materials are commonly present in diaper products.

Ingredients: Chlorine Free Wood Pulp and Sodium Polyacrylate (in the absorbent pad), Polypropylene (in the inner layer, outer layer, moisture barrier layer and dryness layer), Adhesives (in the seams and joints), Polymer Spandex and Polyurethane (in the fastening system and leg/waist elastic).

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