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Set a cozy ambiance in your rooms with the whisper-quiet T3 Panel Heater from Objecto. Let its slim and sleek design complement the architecture of your home. While looking dashing, this piece is generating pleasant warm hair up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit across a low 500-watt mode and a high 1000-watt mode. Turn it on with a tap on its LED panel or from wherever you rest with an included remote. Rest assured, the piece protects from overheating, tipping, and a child’s curious hands.

Objecto is inspired by the fashion and forward-thinking style of New York City, which is where the brand was founded. The brand’s most sought-after products bring this vision to homes and offices via its chic and functional designs, like Objecto floor fans, space heaters, and multipurpose desk fan panels. Objecto humidifiers, heaters and desk panel designs cleverly double as decorative accessories that stand out with wood-grain finishes, hidden remote control operation and optional accessories that provide even more functionality.
The T3 Panel Heater is available with the following:Details:

  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Heats up to 86 degrees
  • Built-in child lock
  • Automatically shuts if tipped over
  • Integrated timer mode
  • Can turn on automatically based on set temperature
  • Material: Polycarbonate and Steel
  • Made In China


  • Item: Width 26″, Height 17″, Depth 7″, Weight 17Lbs

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