Kal Absolute Amino – 60 Tablets
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Kal Absolute Amino - 60 Tablets
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Product Information

UPC: 021245109136
Total Weight: 0.32 lbs (0.15 kg)
Package Format: 60 Tablets

Absolute Amino from Kal contains 19 essential and nonessential amino acids to assist the body in a number of important functions.

As the building blocks of proteins, amino acids are needed to help grow and develop lean muscle mass. Amino acids also help the tissues of the body heal after injury. Additional benefits include immune system support, relaxation, arterial health and facilitating proper food breakdown. Kal’s Absolute Amino can be taken daily, preferably after exercise, to help the muscles recover from strenuous training.

Absolute Amino from Kal is the absolute best amino acid you can find. Order yours today from eVitamins and save!

Recommended Use: Take 2 tablets immediately after exercise, or at bedtime, with a glass of water. May take up to 4 tablets daily.

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