AbeBooks – J. Bree – Just Drop Out (Hannaford Prep, #1)
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  • ISBN 10: 1082509272
  • ISBN 13: 9781082509278
  • Publisher: Independently published, 2019

After surviving foster care and a high school that breeds gang members and drug dealers I’ve finally found my path to freedom: emancipation and a full-ride scholarship at the ultra-exclusive Hannaford Prep. All I have to do is survive. After attracting the wrong sort of attention from the richest boy in the country, pissing off the hottest guy in school and being humiliated in front of my favorite rock idol I am now the target of the most popular, and cruelest, group in the freshman class.They want my blood.They can have it.I’m stronger than any spoilt rich kid.But can I survive the game the Juniors have started with me as the goal? Now every boy at Hannaford wants to have me. All except the three I want.Ash, Harley, and Blaise don’t care about the game, all they care about is destroying me.

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