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Wed, Dec 01, 2021 03:00 AM PT

Statement by President Biden  The White House

The White House

Fri, Nov 19, 2021 12:00 AM PT


2020 United States presidential election

The 2020 United States presidential election was the 59th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The Democratic ticket of former vice president Joe Biden and the junior U.S. senator from California Kamala Harris defeated the incumbent Republican president Donald Trump and incumbent vice president Mike Pence. The election took place against the backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic and COVID-19 recession. It was the first election since 1992, and the fifth in the past century, in which the incumbent president failed to win a second term. The election saw the highest voter turnout by percentage since 1900, with each of the two main tickets receiving more than 74 million votes, surpassing Barack Obama's record of 69.5 million votes from 2008. Biden received more than 81 million votes, the most votes ever cast for a candidate in a U.S. presidential election.In a competitive primary that featured the most candidates for any political party in the modern era of American politics, Biden secured the Democratic nomination over his closest rival, Senator Bernie Sanders. Biden's running mate, Senator Kamala Harris from California, became the first African-American, first Asian-American, and third female vice presidential nominee on a major party ticket. Jo Jorgensen secured the Libertarian nomination with Spike Cohen as her running mate, and Howie Hawkins secured the Green nomination with Angela Nicole Walker as his running mate. The central issues of the election included the public health and economic impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; civil unrest in reaction to the police murder of George Floyd and others; the U.S. Supreme Court following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett; and the future of the Affordable Care Act.Due to the ongoing pandemic, a record number of ballots were cast early and by mail. Many more Democrats voted by mail than Republicans.


Cabinet of Joe Biden

Joe Biden assumed office as President of the United States on January 20, 2021. The President has the authority to nominate members of his Cabinet to the United States Senate for confirmation under the Appointments Clause of the United States Constitution. Before confirmation and during congressional hearings, a high-level career member of an executive department heads this pre-confirmed cabinet on an acting basis. The Cabinet's creation was part of the transition of power following the 2020 United States presidential election. In addition to the fifteen heads of executive departments, there are nine Cabinet-level officials. Biden altered his cabinet structure, elevating the chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy and ambassador to the United Nations as Cabinet-level positions. Biden removed the director of the Central Intelligence Agency from his Cabinet.Confirmations had occurred at the slowest pace of any presidential cabinet in modern history that resulted from delays in facilitating an orderly transition of power and passing the organizing resolution for governing an evenly split Senate following the 2020–2021 United States Senate run-off elections in Georgia; and the second impeachment of Donald Trump. By March 2021, a pick-up in the first half of the month brought confirmations close to pace. Biden is the first president since Ronald Reagan in 1981 to have all of his original Cabinet secretary nominees confirmed to their posts.This page documents the confirmation process for Cabinet nominees of Joe Biden's administration. They are listed according to the United States order of precedence.


Hunter Biden

Robert Hunter Biden (born February 4, 1970) is an American lawyer and painter who is the second son of U.S. President Joe Biden and his first wife Neilia Hunter Biden. Biden is also a hedge fund, venture capital, and private-equity fund investor who formerly worked as a lobbyist, banker, public administration official, and registered lobbyist-firm attorney. Biden was discharged from the U.S. Navy Reserve shortly after his commissioning, for a failed drug test. Biden was a founding board member of BHR Partners, a Chinese investment company, and served on the board of Burisma Holdings, one of the largest private natural gas producers in Ukraine, from 2014 until his term expired in April 2019. Since the early months of 2019, Biden and his father have been the subjects of unevidenced claims of corrupt activities in a Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory pushed by then-U.S. President Donald Trump and his allies, concerning Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine and Joe Biden's anti-corruption efforts there on behalf of the United States during the time he was vice president.Biden currently works as a painting artist. In April 2021, Biden published a memoir discussing his struggles with addiction, titled Beautiful Things.


Jill Biden

Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden (born June 3, 1951) is an American educator and the current first lady of the United States as the wife of President Joe Biden. She was previously the second lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. Since 2009, Biden has been a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College. She has a bachelor's degree in English and a doctoral degree in education from the University of Delaware, as well as master's degrees in education and English from West Chester University and Villanova University. She taught English and reading in high schools for thirteen years and instructed adolescents with emotional disabilities at a psychiatric hospital. From 1993 to 2008, Biden was an English and writing instructor at Delaware Technical & Community College. Biden is thought to be the first wife of a vice president or president to hold a paying job during her husband's tenure. Born in Hammonton, New Jersey, she grew up in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. She married Joe Biden in 1977, becoming stepmother to Beau and Hunter, his two sons from his first marriage. Biden and her husband also have a daughter together, Ashley Biden, born in 1981.


Joe Biden

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. ( BY-dən; born November 20, 1942) is an American politician who is the 46th and current president of the United States. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017 under Barack Obama and represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009. Biden was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, moving with his family to New Castle County, Delaware in 1953 when he was ten. He studied at the University of Delaware before earning his law degree from Syracuse University in 1968. He was elected to the New Castle County Council in 1970 and became the sixth-youngest senator in U.S. history after he was elected to the United States Senate from Delaware in 1972, at age 29. Biden was the chair or ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for 12 years and was influential in foreign affairs during Obama's presidency. He also chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee from 1987 to 1995, dealing with drug policy, crime prevention, and civil liberties issues; led the effort to pass the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act and the Violence Against Women Act; and oversaw six U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings, including the contentious hearings for Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. He ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988 and 2008. Biden was reelected to the Senate six times and was the fourth-most senior sitting senator at the time when he became Obama's vice president after they won the 2008 presidential election, defeating John McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin.


Presidency of Joe Biden

Joe Biden's tenure as the 46th president of the United States began with his inauguration on January 20, 2021. Biden, a Democrat from Delaware who previously served as Vice President under Barack Obama, took office following his victory in the 2020 presidential election over Donald Trump. He was inaugurated alongside Kamala Harris, the first woman, first African American, and first Asian American vice president. Biden entered office amid the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic crisis, and increased political polarization.On the first day of his presidency, Biden made an effort to revert President Trump's energy policy by restoring U.S. participation in the Paris Agreement and revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. He also halted funding for Trump's border wall, an expansion of the Mexican border wall. On his second day, he issued a series of executive orders to reduce the impact of COVID-19, including invoking the Defense Production Act of 1950, and set an early goal of achieving one hundred million COVID-19 vaccinations in the United States in his first 100 days.Biden oversaw the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan, ending the 20-year war. He declared an end to nation-building efforts and shifted U.S. foreign policy toward strategic competition with China and, to a lesser extent, Russia. On March 11, 2021, he signed his first major bill into law—the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021—a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill, establishing expanded unemployment insurance and sending $1200 stimulus checks to most Americans in response to continued economic pressure from COVID-19. On November 15, 2021, he signed the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act; a ten-year plan to invest in American roads, bridges, public transit, ports, replacing lead pipes, expanding access to broadband internet, and a national network of electric vehicle chargers. The bill was brokered by Biden alongside Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, and has bipartisan support among mayors, governors, and Congress.


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