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#1 in Breaking News

SPNs Might Change the World, So What Are They?

The Past, Present, and Future of Human Evolution | Compilation

This tiny rolling robot self-assembles with heat! #shorts #science #robotics #technology

The Ancient Footprints that Changed The Timeline of Human History

When a cow has to go, does it ask other cows to "moove?" #shorts #science #ecology #cows

Why Do Manatees Die When Power Plants Shut Down?

When Food Goes Bad | Compilation

What Really Goes Into Storing Food for the Winter?

Hydras Are What They Eat

4 Ways Ancient Infrastructure Can Prepare Us for the Future

The Bigger Stem Cells Are, the Harder They Fall

How Did North America End Up With a Marsupial?

Unexpected Ways Scientists Use GPS

5 Weird Things That Can Catch Fire

Nichelle Nichols: Woman on a NASA Mission

Live Feed of the Dec. 4, 2021 Total Solar Eclipse

Replacing a Space Station Communications Antenna on This Week @NASA – December 3, 2021

NASA Astronauts Read Aloud: You Are Going

NASA Spacewalk to Replace Space Station Antenna

We Asked a NASA Expert: What’s it Like Landing on Mars?

Vice President Kamala Harris Chairs Her First National Space Council Meeting

The Launch of Our First Planetary Defense Test Mission on This Week @NASA – November 26, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving from NASA!

We Asked a NASA Expert: What's the Difference Between Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors?

Watch NASA’s DART Mission Launch (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) Official Broadcast/Stream

NASA Science Live: We’re Crashing a Spacecraft into an Asteroid…on Purpose!

The Space Station Crew is Safe Following a Debris Event on This Week @NASA – November 19, 2021

Launching Soon: NASA's First Asteroid Deflection Test

Some of Earth’s Water Was Created by the Sun? | SciShow News

Black Holes: The Hungriest Things in the Universe | Compilation

Why Did We Keep Sealed Moon Samples?

On Venus, You're Walking on Eggshells | SciShow News

How Do You Get Rid of Bacteria in Space Stations

Can We Redirect Asteroids like in Armageddon? | SciShow News

Can We Change Earth’s Orbit?

The Secrets Underneath Jupiter's Atmosphere

The Legendary Arecibo Radiotelescope

An Alternative to Dark Matter?

There’s a Rectangle Galaxy?

Mind the (Solar System's) Gap

Our Past Written in the Stars

This Planet Survived the Death of its Star

This drone has legs: Watch a flying robot perch on branches, catch a tennis ball in mid-air

Scientists struggle to ‘awaken’ patients from rare sleep disorders

Watch itchy fish rub up against the worst possible scratching post: hungry sharks

This long-lasting hydrogel could be used to replace damaged human tissues

Native tribes have lost 99% of their land in the United States

Swarms of satellites are blocking the gaze of astronomers

Who censored Marie-Antoinette’s letters? X-rays reveal a surprise

Can a robot influence your decisions? It depends on how you view the machine

A new fleet of Moon landers will set sail next year, backed by private companies

Supercell storm clouds act like atmospheric mountains

The quest for room-temperature superconductors that don’t require extreme pressure

Snippet: Wild cockatoos make their own cutlery sets

Baby bats babble, much like human infants

Ancient supernovae might have upended Earth’s evolution

How It's Made: Turntables

How It's Made: Sticky Buns

How It's Made: Deli Slicer

How It's Made: Blueberry Turnovers

How It's Made: Sandwich Crackers

How It's Made: Wax Figures

Building the Perfect Astronaut | NASA's Unexplained Files

How It's Made: Piñatas

Neil Armstrong’s Search for an Ancient Library in the Amazon | NASA's Unexplained Files

How It's Made: Garbage Trucks

Did Aliens Nuke Mars? | NASA's Unexplained Files

How It's Made: Tissues

An Exoplanet Home to Metal Aliens? | NASA's Unexplained Files

Who or What Is Knocking On His Spacecraft? | NASA's Unexplained Files

Starlink Mission

Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Mission

Starlink Mission

Crew-3 Mission | Approach and Docking

Crew-3 Mission | Coast and Rendezvous

Crew-3 Mission | Coast

Crew-3 Mission | Launch

Crew-2 Mission | Recap

Crew-2 Mission | Return

Crew-2 Mission | Departure

Crew-2 Mission | Hatch Closing

Starbase | Gateway to Mars

Inspiration4 | Splashdown

Inspiration4 | In-Flight Update with the Crew

Workout in 360º | Cosmic Kiss

Earth from Space: White Nile, Sudan

Galileo: en route to full operational capability

Earth from Space: Kainji Lake, Nigeria

Circular society and space | Space Bites

The missing planet | The Incredible Adventures of the Hera mission

Earth from Space: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The future of water | Space Bites

Tuning in to Earth’s climate

Throwing a Cosmic Kiss – Matthias Maurer's journey to the International Space Station

Earth from Space: Cancún, Mexico

Crew-3: meet Matthias Maurer

Interview with Thomas Pesquet on return to Earth a second time

Dragon Endeavour tour [in French with English subtitles]

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