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Decorating For Christmas + Running Errands | Vlogmas Day 3

What To Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas | gifts they’ll actually use! Vlogmas Day 2

Christmas Shopping At The Mall, Fancy Dinner With Lucy + Reminiscing | Vlogmas Day 1

week in my life: thanksgiving w/ family, some chaos + unexpected news..

VLOG: Luisa Visits, Free People Haul + Going To Long Island!

VLOG: Getting Back Home Into Routine, Unboxing Packages + Hockey Updates!

VLOG: Palm Springs Girls Trip + My Travel Nightmare..

VLOG: Packing For Palm Springs, Testing Out New Foundation + New Clothes!

What My Boyfriend Eats In A Day As A Hockey Player!

VLOG: Trader Joes + Crumbl Run, Closet Cleanup + First Time At A Winery

VLOG: Max Is Home, Going Blonder & Trying Sugar Cookie Lattes!

weekend vlog: sephora sale haul, mom visits + a fancy dinner!

VLOG: getting back into exercise, new spin studio, lululemon haul + lots of cleaning!

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