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Take-Two Interactive stock falls amid mixed first-quarter earnings report

EVs that may qualify for the Inflation Reduction Act tax credit

Eli Lilly and Cummins speak out against Indiana's new abortion ban

Crypto: Tornado Cash reportedly tied to North Korean hackers Lazarus Group

Supply chain workflows are 'very close' to pre-pandemic levels: DHL CEO

Jobs data and wage growth are a sign that inflation could be stickier, strategist says

Spirit Airlines set to report earnings ahead of Tuesday's opening

Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John dies at 73

Stocks moving in after hours: Allbirds, Novavax, Vroom, Take-Two Interactive

LIVE: Stock Market Coverage - Monday August 8 Yahoo Finance

Markets close mixed, meme stocks accelerate gains

What to expect in Disney's third-quarter earnings report this Wednesday

Palantir stock sinks amid earnings miss, warning of sales slowdown

Bed Bath & Beyond stock skyrockets amid latest meme trader frenzy

How ExxonMobil Is Banking On Biofuels

Where Is The Worst State For U.S. Workers?

Why Starbucks, Apple And Google Are Unionizing Now For The First Time

How To Clean Up The World’s Most Polluted Rivers

How These Companies Are Taking Over Car Dealerships

Why Air Travel Is So Hard In The U.S. | CNBC Marathon

Why Ukraine Wants This High-Tech American Rocket Launcher

How This Vietnamese Carmaker Is Trying To Beat Tesla In The U.S.

How The U.S. Made Inflation Worse

How Guns Are Advertised In The U.S.

How The Fed’s High-Stakes Inflation Fight Hit The Hot Housing Market

Why Amazon’s First U.S. Union Faces Tough Road Ahead

Why Americans Aren’t Paid Enough

Why Summer Means Big Bucks For Companies | CNBC Marathon

AllianceBernstein Sees Stickier-Than-Expected Inflation

US Inflation Expectations Drop Sharply in New York Fed Survey

SoftBank CEO Son Pledges Sweeping Cost Cuts After $23.4 Billion Loss

Balance of Power Full Show (08/08/2022)

Don’t Be So Certain of Another Big Fed Rate Hike

Cathie Wood on the Fed, Economy, Coinbase, Tesla

Beyond the Bell 08/08/22

Dry Conditions May Impact US Corn Yields

Conference Board's Dana Peterson: Labor Shortages Are Here to Stay

China Sends More Ships, Planes Closer to Taiwan

Democrats Send Inflation Reduction Act to House

Cathie Wood: We're in a Recession

Cathie Wood: The Fed Will Cut Rates Next Year

'Bloomberg Surveillance: Early Edition' Full (08/08/22)

Can e-bikes transform our cities? | FT Tech

De Niro and Nobu: the origin story | FT Globetrotter

Into the Heart of the Amazon | FT Rethink

The healthtech sector’s spectacular surge in Spacs and de-Spacs | FT Big Deal

Nuclear is bouncing back | FT Energy Source

Europe's mega EV charging campus | FT Tech

Could protectionism make food insecurity even worse? | FT Food Revolution

Can green hydrogen really help heavy industry to decarbonise? | FT Rethink

How it all turned sour for Tiger Global | FT Big Deal

The rise of M&A in the gaming industry | FT Big Deal

Tackling a growing methane problem starts with the pipes | FT Energy Source

Can the auto industry accelerate sustainable production? | FT Tech

Are CEO salaries out of control? | FT Moral Money

Fighting financial exclusion in the Gypsy and Traveller communities | FT Film

China’s Social-Media Users Head to Under-the-Radar Platforms | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ

Pilots and Aviation Workers Are Overworked and Understaffed Over Airline Chaos | WSJ

What China’s Military Exercises Reveal About Its Taiwan Strategy | WSJ

How Singapore Airlines Now Serves Fresh Fish on the World’s Longest Flight | WSJ

Can Airbnb Outperform a Potential Recession? | WSJ

As U.S.-China Tensions Rise Following Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit, What’s Next? | WSJ

Why Monkeypox Is a Global Health Threat | WSJ

Same Surgery, Different Prices: Why Hospital Bills Vary So Much | WSJ

Ukraine’s Food Inflation Is Bad, and Many Can’t Even Afford Salt | WSJ

How Putin’s Recent On-Camera Appearances Challenge Strongman Image | WSJ

Meta's Facebook and Instagram Revamp Hits Snags With Competition | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ

U.S. vs. China: What Aircraft Carriers Reveal About the Military Tech Race | WSJ

Early-Stage Startups Face VC Investment Slowdown | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ

TikTok vs. Instagram Reels vs. YouTube Shorts: Who Will Win the Short-Video Race? | WSJ

New Texas Study Finds Women Face Higher Health Risks In Abortion-Restrictive States

Trump Claims FBI Agents 'Raided' Mar-A-Lago

Hallie Jackson NOW - Aug. 8 | NBC News NOW

Biden Responds To His Low Approval Ratings While Visiting Kentucky Flood Damage

Trump-Pence Proxy War Confuses Wisconsin Voters Ahead Of Governor Primary

Biden Pledges Continued Support To Those Impacted By Floods In Kentucky

Inflation Bill Puts ‘People Over Politics,’ Democratic Congressman Says

MTP NOW Aug. 8 — Democrats’ Historic Win, Midterm Prospects; Biden’s Kentucky Visit

D-Day Survivors Share Their Memories Of The WWII Normandy Landings | Nightly News Films

Vermont Set To Make State History By Electing A Woman To Congress

LIVE: NBC News NOW - Aug. 8

Greg McMichael Apologizes To Family Of Ahmaud Arbery

Actress #AnneHeche Is In Stable Condition After Her Car Into A Los Angeles Home

Search Continues After Cuban Oil Facility Fire Leaves 1 Dead, Multiple Missing

This spending bill will hurt consumers: GOP lawmaker

Larry Kudlow: The Inflation Reduction Act is a pathetic piece of legislation

Visa suspends ad payments on MindGeek's Pornhub amid child porn lawsuit

Xi Jinping is looking at the weakness of the president: Gen. Kellogg

Beckley warns China's thriving military could carry out 'Pearl Harbor-style strike' on US bases

Bernie Sanders is the only Democrat who told the truth: Moore

Biden participates in a briefing on the response efforts to the recent flooding in Kentucky

Stuart Varney: This is what you get when you stick with capitalism

People are sick of CRT and SEL 'nonsense': Texas mom

Stocks open higher to start the week

Biden's approval rating still underwater as midterms near

Democrats want to help rich people buy a Tesla: Rep. Budd

This is such an elitist issue: Fahey

Climate, tax bill will raise taxes on middle class: Rep. Fallon
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