Veritaseum Price Up 33.8% Over Last 7 Days (VERI)  Rockland Register

Veritaseum (CURRENCY:VERI) traded 10.3% higher against the dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 15:00 PM E.T. on May 18th. During the last ...

Veritaseum (VERI) went up 30.48% on May 19-20  CryptoCoinsTribune

Veritaseum (VERI) had a good 24 hours as the cryptocurrency jumped $5.70 or 30.48% trading at $24.40. According to Top Crypto Experts, Veritaseum (VERI) ...

Anonymous Users Report On Veritaseum (VERI) Facts  Manufacturing News

Breaking news has just come in, currently unverified – we will fact-check the below shortly. Please verify the below yourself. Credits to decoratorsscratch ...

Veritaseum Market Capitalization Tops $35.64 Million (VERI)  Mayfield Recorder

Veritaseum (CURRENCY:VERI) traded 10.5% higher against the US dollar during the one day period ending at 7:00 AM E.T. on May 15th. In the last seven days ...

Veritaseum Price Hits $18.87 on Major Exchanges (VERI)  Rockland Register

Veritaseum (CURRENCY:VERI) traded 12.9% higher against the dollar during the 24-hour period ending at 9:00 AM Eastern on May 16th. Veritaseum has a ...

What Is Veritaseum? Introduction to VERI Token  Crypto Briefing

Veritaseum is a set of peer-to-peer dApps and marketplaces for decentralized trading without a middleman. Can VERI's value be verified?

Veritaseum Tops 24 Hour Volume of $3.38 Million (VERI)  Mayfield Recorder

Veritaseum (CURRENCY:VERI) traded up 0.8% against the U.S. dollar during the 1 day period ending at 23:00 PM Eastern on May 10th. During the last seven ...

Veritaseum (VERI) 24 Hour Volume Hits $3.18 Million  Tech Know Bits

Veritaseum (CURRENCY:VERI) traded up 1.1% against the US dollar during the 1 day period ending at 0:00 AM Eastern on May 2nd. One Veritaseum token ...

Veritaseum (VERI) Price Tops $14.67  Mayfield Recorder

Veritaseum (CURRENCY:VERI) traded down 5.8% against the US dollar during the 24 hour period ending at 16:00 PM ET on April 24th. Veritaseum has a ...

Introduction to Veritaseum (VERI)  CryptoNewsZ

According to the project's website, “At its simplest, Veritaseum is the gateway to peer-to-peer capital markets,”. It is a platform that enables investor access to ...

Veritaseum (VERI) On A Steady Climb Since Expansion in Africa  BittPress

The Veritaseum platform helps to create smart contracts for capital markets without the need of brokers or banks.

Crypto in Africa: New South Africa trading platform, Veritaseum pushes on  CoinGeek

The African crypto space is still strong, with Bittrex and VALR partnering on a new exchange, and Veritaseum expanding their offers.

Veritaseum Up 124% Over Week: CEO Gets Guardian Coverage  Hacked

Veritaseum (VERI) has recorded 29% net growth for Monday, Aug 20th as it goes on to compound weekly gains of 124% and threatens to secure a place in the ...

What is Veritaseum (VERI)? A Beginner’s Guide  CoinCentral

“At it's [sic] simplest, Veritaseum is the gateway to peer-to-peer capital markets,” the project's website proclaims. The platform opens investor access to smart ...

Veritaseum continue to innovate in Africa despite bear market  Coin Rivet

New York-based cryptocurrency Veritaseum have ramped up their innovation over the past few months, expanding their operation into both Nigeria and ...

Veritaseum’s Reggie Middleton embroiled in war of words with crypto influencer on Twitter  Coin Rivet

Veritaseum CEO Reggie Middleton has become embroiled in a war of words with cryptocurrency influencer Nic Carter on Twitter.

A Look Back on Major Cryptocurrency Hacks Leading up to Binance  Fintech News Singapore

Although some of the worst cryptocurrency hacks in history have not been fully resolved, others have managed to reimburse customers & continue trading.

Top 2 Gainers of the day: Polymath and Veritaseum  Coinnounce

Polymath has increased more than 8% with the major support at $0.281. Veritaseum started to pick up a bullish momentum increasing up to $46.

Veritaseum (VERI) Review – A Global P2P Economy Fueled by Smart Contracts  ChainBits

Veritaseum is a software that uses blockchain technology, smart contracts, and distributed computing to enable anyone with internet access to trade without a ...

Veritaseum hires Wall Street veteran as co-CEO  Coin Rivet

New York-based cryptocurrency firm Veritaseum have hired Wall Street legend Jeffrey Tabak as their co-ceo.

Veritaseum Founder Claims $8 Million in ICO Tokens Stolen  CoinDesk

Yet another initial coin offering (ICO) project is claiming that it has been the victim of a hack. Just a week after a prominent ICO saw its sale disrupted, the team ...

Dead Altcoins: Telltale Signs of a Doomed Cryptocurrency  Ethereum World News

The majority of them have lost over 80% since their peaks this time last year. Some have lost even more and developers have closed up shop leaving the ...

Veritaseum cryptocurrency loses $8.4 million in ICO hack  BetaNews

The cryptocurrency market is a very attractive target for hackers. This month alone, we have seen successful attacks carried out against popular wallets and an ...

Veritaseum (VERI): A guide to buying & selling |

Follow our simple guide to buying, selling and trading Veritaseum in Australia, including a complete list of the exchanges that offer a VERI trading pair.

Veritaseum confirm expansion into African crypto space  Coin Rivet

Veritaseum CEO Reggie Middleton has announced his intention to expand his company into Africa, with operations being set up in Nigeria and Uganda ...

Coinbase Adds Circle Stablecoin, VERI, REP, STRAT Analysis Oct. 24  Bitrates

Coinbase is adding the first stablecoin to its cryptocurrency exchange. VERI, REP and SRAT have seen double digits gains on the week.

Is This the Start of the Expected Recovery? (Bitcoin Price Analysis)  Blockonomi

Simply if the price of BTC continues its upward trajectory then we are most likely seeing the start of the expected recovery.

Your Guide To Precious Metals on the Blockchain  Hacked

Tokenized precious metals create the potential for fractional ownership of gold and greater transparency. Indeed, the world's largest bank, JPMorgan, ...

What Is Veritaseum?  The Merkle

If there is one blockchain project in the world of cryptocurrency which has faced the most scam allegations, it has to be Veritaseum. A lot of people are not too ...

Top five low market-cap cryptocurrencies poised to do well in 2019  Coin Rivet

This is a list of 5 low market-cap cryptocurrencies that that are positioned to do well over the next year.

Top 6 Volatile Cryptocurrencies and Tokens – 2018 Week 40 Edition  NullTX

Numerous online platforms specialize in tracking information pertaining to all cryptocurrencies on the market today. Bitgur has recently updated its platform and ...

Over 50 Percent of the Top Cryptocurrencies Serve No Function  Blokt

Invest In Blockchain noted that over half of the top cryptocurrencies serve no function, with many of them failing to have an active working product.

ICO Firms Paid Themselves $24 Billion Absent of Accountability or Much Effort  CryptoSlate

A BitMex report highlights the egregiousness of the ICO craze of 2017. Cryptocurrency companies were able to raise millions absent of accountability.

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Has NEM Awoken  newsBTC

FOMO Moments Monday markets are immobile; Nem is rising, Ravencoin is flying, the rest are sleeping. After a slow weekend crypto markets have retreated a ...

Top Cryptocurrency Gainers — December 23, 2018  BittPress

One of the top performing cryptocurrencies of the day is ODEM. ODEM (ODE) is currently up 80.41% compared to USD over the last 24 hours, ending at 07:00.

100 cryptocurrencies described in four words or less  TechCrunch

This list describes cryptocurrencies. Each gets four words. There are many. Some are landmarks. Some are scams. Hopefully this provides orientation.

Ethereum Made A Mockery As Veritaseum Wallet Hack Loses $8.4 Million To Theft  Hot Hardware

With Ethereum (ETH) rising after recently dipping below the $200 mark, cryptocurrency thieves are back in action, once again stealing a throng of tokens.

Veritaseum Price Changed by 0.93 percent  ICO Brothers

As at 2019-04-19 average Veritaseum price is 15.79787907 USD, 0.00299051 BTC, 0.09119030 ETH. Veritaseum average change within 24 hour is 0.93 ...

Top 100 Cryptocurrency Coins Explained in a Single Phrase  Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Top 100 Digital Currencies In A Nutshell Quite literally thousands of cryptocurrency projects populate the cryptosphere these days, and it seems every new day.

Veritaseum Price Changed by 5.05 percent  ICO Brothers

As at 2019-04-13 average Veritaseum price is 14.85291426 USD, 0.00291924 BTC, 0.09090451 ETH. Veritaseum VERI/ETH on Mercatox exchange is 14.16.

Hodler’s Digest, May 21-27: Market Slumps, Crypto Investigations Abound, but Adoption Stays Strong  Cointelegraph

Verge has been hacked, again, the US is investigating spoofing and wash trading in the crypto markets, and more in this week's Hodler's Digest.

Veritaseum Analysis - Tripple bottom gives a buy signal - Forex Broker News and Reviews  Forex News Now

The second coin of the day will be the Veritaseum. Our last piece of that coin was written on the 9th of April, when the price was in a strong downtrend wi.

Can Tether and Stablecoins Solve the Problem of Crypto Price Volatility  Bitrates

Stablecoins like Tether are gaining ground in the crypto market. Will they solve price volatility once and for all—or will they cause more problems than they ...

Top Running Cryptocurrencies, November 28th, 2018 - Bitcoin Private (BTCP)  Crypto Block Wire, LLC

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is currently up 38.18% compared to USD over the last 24 hours, ending at 07:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on November 28, 2018.

Four Cryptocurrencies That Actually Meet the Definition of Vaporware  Bitcoin News

'Vaporware' is a term that's tossed about loosely, often against cryptocurrency projects that have no clear use case. It's an easy accusation to make.

Pump! EOS gains 22%(!), Bitcoin Cash 21%, Bitcoin passes $3900  Chepicap

Over the past 24 hours, crypto markets have been receiving significant amounts of capital coming from fiat currencies. Global market capitalization has increased ...

12 Biggest Cryptocurrency Hacks In History  Benzinga

The price of Bitcoin bounced back to make new all-time highs on Tuesday after briefly dipping below $8000 following a massive security breach at a rival ...

US decrees some ethereum trading is bound by securities law  ZDNet

Ethereum has been dealt another blow this month with a new US ruling that some ethereum sales may be considered securities, leading to a regulatory ...

VeChain Foundation Departs from Ethereum with Mainnet (VeChainThor) Launch  Bitrates

VeChain's historic Mainnet launch finally arrived Yesterday with the billion-dollar blockchain officially moving away from its Ethereum roots. The VeChainThor ...

The Next Financial Crisis Could Increase Public Confidence in Cryptocurrency  Bitrates

With economists anticipating a financial crisis to be coming up soon, cryptocurrency adoption and use could increase manyfold. An economic downturn may be ...

Cryptocurrency Market Update: A Flat End To a Dismal Year in Crypto  newsBTC

FOMO Moments Crypto markets lethargic on New Year's Eve; Bitcoin Cash sliding as usual, the rest immobile. Crypto markets have remained inactive on the ...

Bitcoin is down 50 per cent, and that's not nearly the worst of it  ABC News

If you invested at the start of the year in one of these cryptocurrencies, chances are you would be poorer today.

Best and worst coins of 2018: A cryptocurrency market analysis

Let's compare 31 December 2017 with 31 December 2018 in a new year cryptocurrency market analysis that shows just how much the top 50 coins have ...

Exodus  CryptoSlate

Exodus is an all-in-one app to secure, manage, and trade blockchain assets.

FINRA and SEC Crack the Whip In a Series of Rulings Against Crypto Crime  Bitrates

The US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ruled this Tuesday that Timothy Ayre, owner of Rocky Mountain Ayre, was guilty of securities fraud after selling ...

The risky business of bitcoin: High-profile cryptocurrency catastrophes  ZDNet

ZDNet reviews the high-profile disasters, data breaches, vulnerabilities, and criminal cases that shook up digital currency this past year.

Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Minimal Momentum on Monday Markets  newsBTC

There was no further momentum over the weekend and crypto markets have continued to slowly slide back this Monday morning. Total market capitalization is ...

Coinbase consider listing 30 altcoins including XRP  Coin Rivet

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase have made a bold move by considering the addition of 30 new digital assets, including the contentious XRP token.

Could this be the end for stockbroking firms in Nigeria?  Nairametrics

In what might be the end for stockbroking firms in Nigeria and Africa at large, Veritaseum, a United States-based blockchain technology firm has hinted that the ...

Jamaica Stock Exchange exploring cryptocurrency trading | Business  Jamaica Gleaner

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) has selected Toronto-based fintech company Blockstation to explore the possibility of offering cryptocurrency trading on the ...

Bitmex Report: ICOs Allocated $24.2 Billion in Tokens to Themselves  Ethereum World News

The team at Bitmex Research has collaborated with TokenAnalyst to take a thorough look at the treasure balances of several individual ICOs on the Ethereum ...

Cryptocurrency Comparision - Compare Different Cryptocurrency Charts  CryptoGround

Compare different cryptocurrencies chart with each other to find out which cryptocurrency has performed better historically when compared to the other.

Trading Beast Describes How to Determine the Value of A Cryptocurrency  Bitrates

Learn how to properly evaluate the potential of a coin and put the odds in your favor when trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. As a cryptocurrency investor, ...

What Is the Tari Protocol?  The Merkle

There can never be enough competition in the world of blockchain technology. The people responsible for creating the Tari protocol certainly seem to agree.

Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Sapling Keeps Zcash Green in Red Crypto Market  newsBTC

FOMO Moments Crypto land is still stagnant; Zcash, Ravencoin and MobileGo on the up, Decred and Bitcoin Diamond dumping. There has been another slight ...

Cryptocurrency Market Pauses After Recent Gains, BTC, BAT, USDT, LAMB Apr. 15  Bitrates

Crypto market pauses from recent strong gains. USDT faces manipulation accusations. LAMB bounces into the top 100 coins.

Top ERC20 Tokens List. Here is the list of Top 100 ERC Tokens.  Coinnounce

The native token of the cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Number 1 on the top erc20 tokens list. OMG. Omisego is an open payment platform. Number 2 on the ...

Lift-Off for Cryptocurrency Market as BTC Gains 26%, XRP, LTC, BCH, ETC Apr. 8  Bitrates

Bitcoin rallies through $4,000 support level with a 26% gain but BCH, LTC and ETC posted stronger gains as market dominance continues to shift.

The Top 20 Ethereum...  Invest In Blockchain

Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, about HALF are ERC-20 tokens! Here we take a look at the Top 20 Ethereum tokens by market cap, and why they matter.

Crypto Market Overnight: (CRO) Up 80% Plus Top 24-Hour Gainers and Losers  BitcoinerX

The past 24 hours have put nearly all of the Top 10 cryptocurrencies in the green and have resulted in some breakout gains for Chain (CRO) and ...

Seven Takeaways from Ibinex Global Cryptocurrency Report  Finance Magnates

Cryptocurrency exchange software provider Ibinex recently published its Global Cryptocurrency Market Report, that presents a thorough summary of the state of ...

Shipchain ICO Investors Take To Internet To Lament Over Lost Money  USA Herald

Interest in Shipchain's ICO cryptocurrency exploded in the past year. Starting around December of 2017, almost every day another new promoter of the ...

Is Ripple's Enterprise-Friendly XRP The Best Kind Of Crypto?  Bitrates

In this article, we look at the declining cryptocurrency market and the challenges of adoption, and examine how Ripple's unique approach to regulation and ...

Crypto Market Cap Adds $13 Billion in 6 Hours with Bitcoin on the Rise  CCN

The cryptocurrency market cap has risen from $263 billion to $276 billion in as little as six hours with Bitcoin seeing a 1.97 percent increase over the last 24 ...

Volatility Continues in the Cryptocurrency Space, BTC, XRP, XLM, BAT  Bitrates

Bitcoin's 18% loss last week has dragged the overall market lower. XRP has been more stable and XLM has grabbed fifth spot in the market.

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bithumb Listing Boosts Bitcoin Diamond  newsBTC

FOMO Moments Little movement in the markets; Bitcoin Diamond gets a boost, Ravencoin is dumping. As the week rolls on the movement remains minimal on ...

Ripple Prices Could Climb to $16  Money Morning

There's a very bold prediction for Ripple prices that shows the crypto coin reaching $16. Here's everything you need to know...

No Need to Wait for Overstock or NASDAQ, Veritaseum Already Put Wall Street on the Bitcoin Blockchain  Inside Bitcoins

The idea of putting stocks and other assets on the bitcoin blockchain as colored coins has been around for quite some time, and the excitement surrounding this ...

How Brave, Opera, and Tor Facilitate Crypto Access for Browser Users  Bitrates

Some browsers have added support for cryptocurrency. Will this make crypto more accessible, and will mainstream browsers follow the trend? Cryptocurrency ...

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies shed even more value this weekend  Memeburn

It must suck if you've bought Bitcoin any time this year. The cryptocurrency, along with a slew of its competitors and peers, crashed in value this past weekend.

JPMorgan calls Bitcoin 'fraud' only for use by criminals and North Koreans  ZDNet

JPMorgan boss Jamie Dimon has not minced his words when it comes to the cryptocurrency.

How Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies Can Become Interoperable and Integrated  Bitrates

Interoperability could unite separate blockchain platforms. Will this create a universal blockchain, or will it integrate platforms on a smaller scale?

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cannot replace money, says Bank for International Settlements  ABC News

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have a number of fatal flaws that mean they will never be able to replace money, says the central bank for central banks.

China bans cryptocurrency ICOs  ZDNet

The country's central bank says Initial Coin Offerings are "disrupting" financial order.

Will Google Cloud's Public Blockchain Datasets Hit the Mainstream?  Bitrates

Google Cloud has added six altcoins to its datasets. Will the data find real applications, and will Google's blockchain efforts finally be recognized?

Martin Armstrong on Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin & Explaining Socrates.  Bitrates

Martin Armstrong on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as well as an explanation of Socrates, an economic forecasting engine operating as a SaaS ...

Offline Transactions Could Help Crypto Compete With Fiat cash  Bitrates

Offline crypto transactions enable the technology to reach users who cannot access the internet themselves. Whether through the physical exchange of ...

How Often Do Cryptocurrencies Commit New Code?  Priceonomics

This post is adapted from the blog of Craft, a Priceonomics Data Studio customer. Does your company have interesting data? Become a Priceonomics customer.

Veritaseum hack: $8.4m worth Ethereum stolen by hackers in yet another heist  International Business Times UK

Hackers hit the Ethereum platform's ICO, making it the second ICO hack and the fourth Ethereum hack in a month. Profile: A Bitcoin and Litecoin Wallet Provider  Bitrates

A look at cryptocurrency wallet options for newcomers with a focus on Jubiter, an online Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet that is making waves. If you're buying ... to Add New Cryptocurrencies to Site  Bitrates will add new cryptocurrencies access to its site in response to the increasing popularity of cryptos like Ethereum for use for gambling services.

An Interview With Initiative Q's founder, Saar Wilf  Bitrates

We interview Initiative Q's Founder Saar Wilf to learn more about the digital currency project that is permeating social media feeds worldwide. Chances are, if ...

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Tezos Jumps on Coinone Listing  newsBTC

FOMO Moments Markets inch up slowly; Tezos, VeChain, and Ontology getting a good start to the week. Crypto markets have been pretty inactive over the ...

JP Morgan Joins the Stable Coin Party, ETH, WAX, MOAC Feb. 18  Bitrates

JP Morgan has become the first US bank to create its own cryptocurrency. WAX and MOAC were the best performers in the top 100 last week. JP Morgan has ...

Facebook Is Planning a Crypto Payment Tool for WhatsApp, Insiders Say  Bitrates

Facebook has been working on a blockchain project for almost a year. Rumors are suggesting a payment tool will be added to WhatsApp. Here's what we know ...

Top US Colleges have Invested Millions in Crypto Asset Class  Bitrates

Some of the biggest colleges in the United States have reportedly invested tens of millions of dollars into the cryptocurrency asset class. The list of educational ...

Can Cryptocurrency Donation Platforms Challenge Patreon?  Bitrates

Patreon is suffering from bad press after banning some high-profile users. Will the controversy make room for cryptocurrency-based donation services? Chain Blasts 250% Higher, QTUM Targets Mobile Pay, BCH, DCR, March 18  Bitrates

The top performer on the week with a 250% gain was Chain (CRO). The advance saw CRO charge to a $300 million market cap and it now sits at ...

Binance Giving Away $100k in Trading Competition, BNB, ABBC, RVN 4 Mar  Bitrates

Binance are set to give away $100k in a trading competition. Ravencoin has a strong week and ABBC brings facial recognition to blockchain. The cryptocurrency ...

Cryptocurrency Prices: Live Coin Market Cap Values  Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team - March 11, 2019. 0. Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Trading Bitcoin Bitcoin Exchange Guide aims to provide the ...

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