Cryptocurrency Exchange Bans Augur, OMNI, Gas and 6 Other Altcoins From Trading in the US  Coingape

Poloniex Exchange today announced that it will disable the trading of nice cryptocurrencies which included Lisk [LSK], Ardor [ARDR], Bytecoin [BCN], NXT, ...

Poloniex to Delist 9 Coins in the US, Cites Regulatory Uncertainties  Finance Magnates

The US-based crypto exchange Poloniex has announced that it is going to stop trading services of 9 digital currencies for its US-based clients citing uncertainty ...

Cryptopia hack: Stolen Ethereum, ERC20 tokens land up in ‘major cryptocurrency exchanges’  AMBCrypto News

Exchange hacks have always been one of the major setbacks in the cryptocurrency space, with several renowned platforms falling victim to a security breach.

Decred and Lisk among nine coins discontinued by Poloniex in the US  FXStreet

Poloniex, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, will discontinue the distribution of nine coins in the US due to uncertain regulations. It was confirmed.

Lisk Trading 1% Lower Over Last Week (LSK)  Mayfield Recorder

Lisk (CURRENCY:LSK) traded 1% lower against the dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 23:00 PM ET on May 21st. Lisk has a total market ...

What is Lisk? A guide to LSK coin, it’s history and its blockchain  Cryptoline News

Lisk is a sidechain project that aims to make blockchain technology more accessible... one reason to should invest in LSK is.. buy and store.

Best Lisk (LSK) Wallets for 2019  Coindoo

Lisk has seen an increase in development in the second half of 2018. Check our list of the best Lisk (LSK) wallets for today.

Circle Lays Off 10% of Its Staff due to Regulatory Climate in the U.S.

Backed by $140 million in venture capital from investors including Goldman Sachs, Bitmain and many more, crypto-platform Circle has laid off 30 positions ...

Why Lisk Machine Learning (LML) is behaving funny  Manufacturing News

We have got some news from our users, unverified and possibly wrong. Do not pay much if any attention to it – we cannot verify this is correct in any way. Credits ...

Something Strange About Lisk (LSK)  Manufacturing News

We have breaking news on a cryptocurrency from our users! See below. These are COMPLETELY UNVERIFIED and may be nonsense – please take them with ...

8x More Profitable to Mine Bitcoin than All Other Cryptos: Report  CryptoGlobe

Miners on the Bitcoin (BTC) network were paid a record $580,000 in mining fees, or rewards, during a 24-hour time period on May 10th, 2019. This, according to ...

Berlin Bitcoin Events and Blockchain Meetups for 2019, Rated and Reviewed  Bitcoin Market Journal

If you live in the Berlin area and are interested in blockchain technology, you need this list of Berlin blockchain meetings and bitcoin events for 2019.

Poloniex Shuts Crypto Sales of 9 Tokens Fearing Regulatory Squeeze  CCN

By CCN: Poloniex worries so much about incoming doom by U.S. securities regulators' that it plans to delist nine tokens at the end of the month. The altcoin ...

On May 19-20 analysts noticed Lisk (LSK) fall by -3.16%  CryptoCoinsTribune

Lisk (LSK) had a bad 24 hours as the cryptocurrency declined $-0.0659638349999998 or -3.16% trading at $2.019447045. According to Crypto Experts, Lisk ...

Is Lisk a Good Investment?...  Invest In Blockchain

Asking whether you should invest in a particular cryptocurrency can only be answered after you've decided the cryptocurrency space is worthy of investment.

Lisk Developer Numbers Double In Bear Market  Crypto Briefing

The Lisk developer community has grown, and price discussions withered. The LSK platform's progress is unabated by the crypto bear market.

Bitcoin [BTC]: King coin’s miners earn fees eight times more than other top cryptocurrencies  AMBCrypto News

The incredible price rally which stormed the market during the closing days of the previous week not only sent Bitcoin prices soaring, but also the fees for its ...

Glorious Times Ahead for Lisk (LSK) with the Possible 2019 Bull Run  CryptoNewsZ

There are so many coins on the market, then why we are talking singularly about Lisk (LSK)? Well, the reason is simple- its enormous potential. The bear market ...

Lisk / USD Technical Analysis: Getting Back To Speed  Crypto Briefing

LSK / USD Technical Analysis - Lisk is moving closer to its 2018 highs and has a bullish outlook overall.

Crypto Investors should Keep an Eye on Lisk (LSK)  GlobalCoinReport

One such coin to keep an eye on is Lisk (LSK), which currently sits at the 37th spot on the list of largest cryptos by market cap.

Lisk Accomplish Market Capitalization of $199.43 Million (LSK)  BharataPress

Lisk (CURRENCY:LSK) traded down 2.2% against the U.S. dollar during the 1-day period ending at 16:00 PM ET on April 29th. Over the last week, Lisk has ...

Lisk Devs Refuse To Paint Rosy Picture: We Have Learned The Hard Way  Crypto Briefing

Lisk has been described as "over-marketing" its blockchain, by hyping its project before building its flagship sidechain tool. What next?

Lisk (LSK) Officially Listed On Kucoin  Cryptocoin Spy

Kucoin plans to list the Lisk token; it announced in a recent tweet. The LISK (LSK) cryptocurrency is already listed on many exchanges, including Binance, the ...

Lisk Machine Learning (LML) Price Hits $0.0210 on Top Exchanges  Rockland Register

Lisk Machine Learning (CURRENCY:LML) traded down 20.7% against the US dollar during the one day period ending at 13:00 PM Eastern on May 12th.

READ BEFORE BUYING: Breaking news on ZCore (ZCR)  Manufacturing News

We have breaking news on a cryptocurrency from our users! See below. These are COMPLETELY UNVERIFIED and may be nonsense – please take them with ...

Lisk Machine Learning (LML) Market Cap Achieves $2.50 Million  Rockland Register

Lisk Machine Learning (CURRENCY:LML) traded up 8.4% against the US dollar during the 1 day period ending at 16:00 PM ET on May 15th. Lisk Machine ...

Stealth Cryptocurrency Introduces Novel Reputation System for Stakers  Yahoo Finance

Stealth's reputation system means that chain trust and block rewards are truly meritorious and based purely on objective performance statistics. Dover, DE, April ...

Cryptocurrency wallets Abra partners Plaid to connect to US banks  Finextra

Source: Abra. The road to cryptocurrency mass adoption will be paved by technology and design that makes moving money easier. In that spirit, starting today ...

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Lisk Lights It Up As Mainnet Launch Looms  newsBTC

FOMO Moments Markets inch up slowly; Lisk, Tron, 0x and Nano making gains. Following yesterday's irrational FUD fuelled SEC selloff, crypto markets have ...

Lisk CEO Responds to Criticism: “No Consensus Algorithm is Perfect”  Finance Magnates

Max Kordek, Cofounder and CEO of Lisk, speaks about his optimism for crypto in spite of the massive bear market this year.

Lisk / USD Technical Analysis: Bulls Staging A Coup  Crypto Briefing

LSK / USD Technical Analysis - Indicators show that LSK is nearing a strong bullish breakout on both timeframes.

Lisk Reaches Market Cap of $204.22 Million (LSK)  Mayfield Recorder

Lisk (CURRENCY:LSK) traded 0.9% higher against the dollar during the 24 hour period ending at 22:00 PM ET on May 2nd. One Lisk coin can now be ...

Net Outflows Despite Bitcoin Spike; Court Grants Bitfinex Motion; Poloniex Cuts Altcoins From U.S. Customers  CryptoGlobe

More investors cashed out, than in, during the crypto price spike; Bitfinex had their motion to modify an injunction granted; and Poloniex disables nine altcoin ...

Lisk Machine Learning Price Tops $0.0297 (LML)  Mayfield Recorder

Lisk Machine Learning (CURRENCY:LML) traded 40.8% higher against the dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 13:00 PM ET on May 11th.

Lisk (LSK) Blockchain Developers in The Pickle  CryptoNewsZ

Lisk (LSK) is an open-source and decentralized cryptocurrency written in JavaScript. After a successful ICO in the exchanges, the company was formed formally ...

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Lisk (LSK) Price Prediction and Analysis  ZyCrypto

Over the last 24 hours, there has been a slow upward movement for most coins in the top twenty brackets. This follows a short bearish stint.

Crazy Stuff MVL (MVL) Is Up To  Manufacturing News

We have got some news from our users, unverified and possibly wrong. Do not pay much if any attention to it – we cannot verify this is correct in any way. Credits ...

Lisk Machine Learning 1-Day Trading Volume Reaches $120.00 (LML)  Rockland Register

Lisk Machine Learning (CURRENCY:LML) traded 0.2% higher against the U.S. dollar during the 24-hour period ending at 10:00 AM E.T. on May 20th. One Lisk ...

Lisk (LSK) Reaches Rock Bottom, Presents Significant Upside Potential  Crypto Daily

Lisk (LSK) is starting to become a soft target for crypto bears. Just a quick glance at the weekly LSK/USD chart shows how the bears have completely obliterated ...

Ledger Adds Lisk, A Success in the “Crypto Graveyard”  Warrior Trading News

The Ledger storage wallet system has just revealed a plan to support eight new cryptocurrencies including one called Lisk.

Lisk's (LSK) $400 Million Blockchain Is About to Launch  The Daily Hodl

Lisk has announced its mainnet launch, set for the end of August. The migration of the new Lisk Core 1.0 will happen at block height 6,901,027, leaving behind ...

Dollar’s Brutal 100-Year Tailspin Guarantees a Spellbinding Bitcoin Rally  Yahoo Finance

By CCN: The mighty US dollar appears to be one of the world's safest currencies. This sense of security has blinded many from seeing that the greenback has ...

Lisk (LSK) will reach $100 in 2018, here’s why  CryptoRecorder

Lisk (LSK) started off the year on a high note after the crypto market rallied in Q4 of 2017. The altcoin was going for $40 which is ten times its current price.

Lisk (LSK) Adds WEG Bank As Partner To Facilitate Cryptocurrency Payments  Journal Transcript

Lisk (LSK) has reportedly partnered with a German bank called WEG Bank in an effort to support cryptocurrency payments by connecting traditional finance with ...

What is Lisk Cryptocurrency? 2018 Predictions for Lisk.  Coinnounce

Lisk cryptocurrency is expecting to represent a challenge to the second-best digital currencies to as of now exist, is the way that later on in 2018.

Lisk Management: Bitcoin And Alts Traded For Francs  Crypto Briefing

The Lisk Foundation is selling a portion of its BTC and altcoins and converting the funds to Swiss francs. But their LSK is not for sale.

Lisk (LSK) Price Prediction 2019 - Better To Stay Clear Of It  CaptainAltcoin

What does the future hold for Lisk (LSK)? We take a comprehensive look at Lisk potential in our Lisk (LSK) price forecast for 2019, 2020, 2023 and beyond.

Everything you must know about Lisk [LSK] (A Beginner’s Guide)  BCFocus

It's just a few years since the term, “cryptocurrency” became a part of mainstream vocabulary. And, during this short span no one could have predicted the ...

Lisk (LSK) vs Ark: The Cryptocurrency Battle Between Proof-of-Stake Tokens  Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Lisk vs. Ark—The Cryptocurrency Proof-of-Stakes Battle Proof-of-stake concepts are routinely used by cryptocurrency companies to showcase their platform ...

Stellar (XLM), Lisk (LSK) Ahead Of Bitcoin In Latest Ranking  Ethereum World News

China's latest ranking has placed Stellar (XLM) and Lisk (LSK) ahead of Bitcoin (BTC). The ranking which is purposely invented for blockchain technology based ...

Lisk (LSK) Blockchain Developers Face Stern Warning from Community on Delivery of SDK Projects  Bitcoin Exchange Guide

One of the top cryptocurrency company advisors and well-known personalities, William Mougayar, released a list of coins he deemed under-marketed, rightly.

Qredit Hits Market Capitalization of $1.05 Million (XQR)  Trent Times

Qredit (CURRENCY:XQR) traded 28.1% lower against the U.S. dollar during the 1-day period ending at 21:00 PM Eastern on May 21st. Qredit has a market ...

What Is Lisk (LSK)? | A Guide to the Sidechain and Dapp Platform  CoinCentral

Lisk is a sidechain development platform which makes it easy for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications in Javascript. One of the biggest ...

What is Lisk Cryptocurrency (LSK)? All You Need To Know  UseTheBitcoin

Lisk is an open source blockchain platform which is powered by Lisk (LSK) Tokens that allows developers code decentralized applications (dApps) in JavaScript ...

Ledger hardware wallet adds support for 6 new coins including Lisk (LSK) and Factom (FCT)  CryptoNinjas

Ledger, creators of leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet devices has now added support for Lisk, Factom, MIX Blockchain, Musicoin, GameCredits,

Abra Enables Native Access to 16 Altcoins Including Dogecoin (DOGE) and TRON (TRX)  SludgeFeed

Abra, a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform, announced Wednesday that it has added native support for 16 new altcoins.

Top 2 game-changer projects in September 2018: Lisk (LSK) and 0x Protocol (ZRX)  CryptoRecorder

The market has just commenced consolidating the losses and a recovery is underway. The crypto carnage appears to have stopped and investors are buzzing ...

Lisk Joins TokenPay And Litecoin Foundation In Partnership With German WEG Bank  Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Lisk Joins TokenPay And Litecoin Foundation In Partnership With WEG Bank In a recent Livestream video with Litecoin founder Charlie Lee and TokenPay CEO ...

Ledger Blue Review: Worth it? Or Just Get a Ledger Nano X or Nano S?  Blokt

Ledger Blue is a high-end hardware wallet with a large touchscreen interface. But is it better than the Ledger Nano S or Nano X? Find out in this review.

Why Lisk (LSK) Is A Rip-Off Below $3  Crypto Daily

Chart for LSK/USD (1W) Lisk (LSK) is the popular fork of a cryptocurrency known as Crypti. The ambitious cofounder of Lisk, Max Koredk created the fork version ...

Lisk Price Analysis: LSK Sees Correction After Recent Surge  Inside Bitcoins

Throughout 2018, Lisk has been losing its value as the bear market dominated the crypto space. The coin has been around for over three years, and for the first ...

Investor Insight: Lisk (LSK) and Augur (REP) Have the Highest Potential For Recovery  Financial Mercury

Many investors refer to the cryptocurrency market as being young in comparison to the Forex and the stock markets. However, this industry has grown ...

Lisk (LSK) Moves Up; Joining TokenPay & Litecoin Foundation Owned WEG Bank as Partner  Cryptovest

The Lisk project has joined Litecoin (LTC) and TokenPay in their effort to use the German WEG bank as a partner to allow everyday crypto payments.

Lisk (LSK) Is A Buy At $5, Smart Money Busy Accumulating For Long Term  Crypto Daily

Lisk (LSK) has taken one of the worst falls in the history of cryptocurrencies. It is currently down more than 85% from its ATH. The price is looking to recover long ...

Lisk Price Up 30% Ahead Of Mainnet Launch  Crypto Briefing

The Lisk price broke past the $5 mark yesterday as investors look to get involved in the project before the mainnet launch on Wednesday.

Lisk Machine Learning Price Reaches $0.0183 on Major Exchanges (LML)  Tech Know Bits

Lisk Machine Learning (CURRENCY:LML) traded 0.1% higher against the U.S. dollar during the 1 day period ending at 0:00 AM E.T. on May 1st. Over the last ...

Bitcoin Pops Above $3700 As Crypto Market Flashes Green  CoinDesk

The cryptocurrency market is making an emphatic return today after days of low volatility, with the price of bitcoin briefly surpassing $3,700 alongside other major ...

Lisk (LSK) Price Action Indicates Crypto Bloodbath Is Almost Over  Crypto Daily

Current market correction since the beginning of the year has had a devastating effect on the price of Lisk (LSK). The cryptocurrency is down 85% from its all ...

Ark vs Lisk - Battle of Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrencies  UseTheBitcoin

As Proof-of-Stake (POS) becomes more popular in the cryptocurrency space, we'll be doing breakdowns of the best options. This is our look at Ark and Lisk.

Lisk (LSK) Poised To Reach As High As $1000 By April 2019  Crypto Daily

Lisk (LSK) is an emerging smart contracts platform with a market cap of $689 million, currently ranking as the 25th largest coin. Lisk (LSK) went through a brutal ...

Lisk News: Lisk Has Reduced Block Reward

Reward reduction has arrived for the Lisk (LSK) blockchain project. On November 1, the Distributed Proof of Stake (DPoS) network reached its block height ...

Where and How to Buy LISK (LSK) | Step-by-Step Guide  Unhashed

Lisk is primarily trade on cryptocurrency only exchanges. This means you'll need to use Bitcoin or Ethereum to Buy Lisk. In this guide, we'll show you the step by ...

3 Cryptocurrencies Ready to Beat Bitcoin This Week: VIBE, LSK, and ETH  Bitcoinist

Every week provides unique opportunities that can provide returns unseen in most financial markets. The majority of FUDsters do not even realize Bitcoin is still ...

Lisk Machine Learning (LML) 24 Hour Volume Hits $131.00  Tech Know Bits

Lisk Machine Learning (CURRENCY:LML) traded up 0.5% against the US dollar during the 1 day period ending at 20:00 PM Eastern on May 3rd. During the last ...

Lisk Review for Beginners: Sidechains for Every Purpose

The Lisk network is another decentralized application (dApp) network that's using smart contracts, sidechains, and the LSK token to power the network.

Lisk (LSK) Remains One of The Most Promising Crypto Investments  Crypto Daily

In a space full of worthless altcoins, Lisk (LSK) continues to remain one of the most promising crypto investments. Correction hit it hard, as the cryptocurrency ...

A Look Into Lisk and Why It’s Up 148x This Year  CryptoSlate

LISK (LSK) is up 45% over the past 24 hours on a strong cryptocurrency market and the news of the official 0.91 Lisk Core application release. Lisk was founded ...

Well-funded Blockchain Projects to Watch Closely in 2019  CryptoGlobe

After recording all-time highs in December 2017 and early 2018, cryptocurrency prices have fallen sharply - with many coins turning into dead (or abandoned) ...

Lisk (LSK) Price Prediction 2018: The Token is Set To Reach The 1,000 USD Mark By April Year - Lisk News Today  Smartereum

Lisk (LSK) is well positioned to get to the 1000 USD mark against the USD by April 2019 and is currently trading at 6.41 USD.

Lisk (LSK) Scheduled for Listing on Bitpanda  Cryptovest

Following a community vote, the asset will be added to the growing portfolio of the Austrian cryptocurrency brokerage *service*.

Lisk (LSK) Latest Update: The Core 1.0 Testnet of Lisk (LSK) Is Now Live – Lisk Is Aimed At Making Blockchain Development Seamless For JavaScript Developers – LSK/USD Price Today  Smartereum

Lisk (LSK) is a blockchain project that is aimed at making the development of blockchain easy and stress-free for JavaScript developers, and the projects ...

Interested In Arbitrage? Check Out BTG, XLM, XMR, XEM, DASH, And LISK  Smartereum

In the cryptocurrency industry arbitrage isn't an unusual thing. In fact, it's also common with traditional financial assets. There are so many cryptocurrency trading ...

Lisk (LSK): Price Analysis, Dec. 12  CryptoNewsZ

Lisk Coin belongs to LISK that helps make easy for developers to build & deploy decentralized applications in JavaScript. According to the CoinMarketCap, the ...

Lisk (LSK) Becomes One Of The Most Undervalued Cryptocurrencies, Down 86% From ATH  Crypto Daily

Lisk (LSK) may come off as just another altcoin but it is a lot more than that. In fact, it is a smart contracts platform just like Ethereum (ETH). However, it has not ...

Lisk Relaunches Blockchain Project With 'Accessibility' in Mind  CoinDesk

The team behind the Lisk blockchain network is hosting a relaunch event in Berlin on Tuesday, boasting a new look and long-term plan for the project.

Pros and cons of Lisk (LISK)  CryptoRecorder

Pros and cons of Lisk (LISK). The Lisk (LISK) cryptocurrency is making headlines by rewriting the rules of blockchain ecosystems.

As Bitcoin Turns Ten, Which European Cryptocurrencies Should You Be Aware Of?  Forbes

MIOTA, Æternity and the LSK Token are three emerging European cryptocurrencies that could rival Bitcoin.

Why a crypto trader should check out Lisk (LSK) cryptocurrency in 2018  Forex News Now

Lisk (LSK) has proven that it can keep its head when others are losing.theirs. Will 2018 be the year when we finally get to hear more of Lisk crypto?

A Small Bank in Germany Is Now Nearly 30% Owned by Crypto Companies  CoinDesk

Almost 30 percent of the equity in WEG Bank AG, a previously obscure German bank focused on the real estate industry, is now owned by companies in the ...

This new product will push Lisk (LSK) to above $100 in 2018  CryptoRecorder

The continued success of Lisk (LSK) this February serves to show the potential of the coin's price. The coin's price continued its stellar performances this week ...

Most Promising Altcoins For 2019  ZyCrypto

2019 is almost here if you have plans of venturing in the cryptocurrency business, this is the best time to do your calculations. Although.

Lisk Blockchain Halts on Failsafe Due to Unexpected Bug  newsBTC

During the early hours of Saturday morning, transactions made on the Lisk blockchain came to a full stop as a faulty transaction triggered automated security ...

Lisk Core 1.0 Successfully Migrated to Mainnet  CoinJournal

Lisk, the public blockchain platform that allows users to develop decentralized blockchain applications in JavaScript, has announced the successful migration of ...

Today’s Arbitrage Opportunities: XLM, Dash, XEM, XMR, LISK, BG  NullTX

Arbitrage is a rather common occurrence in the cryptocurrency industry these days. With hundreds of trading platforms to choose from, it's not uncommon for ...

All the Things that Make Lisk (LSK) a Great Investment  GlobalCoinReport

Although Lisk (LSK) has been dropping for some time now, we can't miss on thinking about all the great things this currency has to offer for its investors.

Lisk (LSK) To Launch Its First Sidechain ICO, Madana  OracleTimes

Lisk (LSK) has become one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market, currently ranking the 27th with a market cap of more than $422 million, for many reasons.

How to Buy Lisk (LSK) | Step-by-Step Guide | 0% Fees  Cameron Bowen

Why Lisk cryptocurrency has potential as a digital currency. Best virtual currency platforms to invest in Lisk & digital currencies. Buy Lisk coin safely & cheaply.

Lisk (LSK): One Of The Best Crypto Investments You Will Ever Make  Crypto Daily

There are plenty of good blockchain projects and Lisk (LSK) is definitely one of them. It has proven its mettle with a user-friendly blockchain of its own which is ...

KuCoin Proudly Announces the Listing of Lisk (LSK)  Live Bitcoin News

KuCoin today is proudly announcing the listing of Lisk intrinsic and transaction token called LSK to their advance and reliable cryptocurrency platform.

Lisk Pumps 20% on Release of Wallet Hub; LSK Volume Hits Five-Month High  Hacked

Lisk (LSK) reaped the benefits of the release of its newly updates mobile wallet and desktop hub on Thursday, as the coin price gained 20% against the dollar.

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