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The world's first pollution free and stable value cryptocurrencies. Free coins for early adopters, charities, and the poor. Earn coins by performing simple tasks.

Clone Coins

Commodity Clones

* Not trading the actual asset. Prices are matched (cloned) real-time to the asset price.

Backed by AIOIS

AIOIS Coins "gained return" splits to coins 2 months from purchase/earning date (maturity), then increases stop to cap gains. You may rebuy to start over. Your coins are still available for trade or sale during these 2 months of gain.

Ways To Earn:

  • Invite new users
  • Provide content
  • Participate with comments
  • Write articles
  • Create new subs
  • Share our link on social media
  • Advertise for us
  • List us on your exchange

    Key Benefits:

  • Exchange free
  • Reduces pollution generated by mining rigs
  • Allows for minting of new coins for charitable causes
  • Stable prices
  • Backed by an industry leading search engine
  • Personal service for transactions
  • No fees, no charges
  • Each coin or multi-coin transaction is personally signed by our compliance officer (all-time points leader at his adult basketball league) with a thoughtful quote on prosperity

    Join today for free coins.

    Is it legal?
    Absolutely, the same way Beanie Babies or collectors items or memorabilia are legal.

    Can I purchase coins?

    Do you have an affiliate program?
    Yes. Earn 50% of every All-in-one Coin sold. Join AIOIS Social and we will give you a unique tracking URL.

    Can I purchase coins with coins?

    Why are some of the coins so expensive?
    Do not be detracted by these prices. Rich and poor people will participate. We have lower priced coins to allow the poor to be involved. To prevent any one user (or group of users) from controlling the supply of coins, we attach a cost to this behavior by making the prices higher. If they end up purchasing these coins they will have to act within the confines of the system, which help restrict the unabated release of coins. If there is too much supply, the system will not work as well. Such activity can also be controlled through the mint rate.

    How do you store my direct (from AIOIS) purchase?
    Example: You purchased 1 All-in-one Coin on 01/01/21. It is now 03/02/21.
    Username: bigmoney
    Coin Name: All-in-one Coin
    Purchase Amount: $1,000
    Coin Return: 3x
    Payment Method: PayPal (invoice #)
    Number of Coins Purchased: 1
    Mature Number of Coins: 3
    Coins Available: 3
    Term: 01/01/21-03/01/21
    Crypto Code: YOURKEYCODE
    Verification Date: (date ledger was last altered)
    This key code can then later be split into 3 individual key codes, each representing 1 All-in-one Coin.
    If you want to trade the coins early, the coins will release every month. So a month in (02/01/21) you would have 2 All-in-one Coins available.

    How do you store my User to User sale?
    You sell 1 All-in-one Coin to moneyking, making $1,000 on 03/03/21. Your coins are split into 3 keys. One of your keys is deleted. The "coins available" on your ledger will be reduced to 2. A line on your ledger will mention why: bigmoney sold 1 All-in-one Coin to moneyking on 03/03/21, reducing coins available from 3 to 2.
    A new holder ledger is created for moneyking:
    Username: moneyking
    Coin Name: All-in-one Coin
    Coin Value: $1,000
    Coin Return: 3x
    Payment Method: PayPal (invoice #)
    Number of Coins Purchased: 1
    Mature Number of Coins: 3
    Coins Available: ALL PENDING MATURITY
    Term: 04/03/21-06/03/21
    Crypto Code: YOURKEYCODE
    Verification Date: (date ledger was last altered)

    Can I trade coins with other users?
    Yes. For example, you could make trades (like trading baseball cards) for work. There are no restrictions.

    Can you split coins?

    Can you downgrade coins?
    Yes. If you had 1 All-in-one Coin worth $1,000 we could give you 100 All-in-one Coins worth $10 each.

    Can I sell my coins for cash?
    Yes, to other users.

    Do you offer margin?
    No. You may use your credit card as a form of margin if you have a high limit. You may also try to obtain a loan through a credit agency or increase your credit limit. This would constitute risky activity if you are an inexperienced trader.

    Do you accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and more in exchange for AIOIS Coins?
    No. We will eventually accept these coins as activity increases.

    Will you consider requests to mint different coins?
    Yes. For instance, we could mint an Anime coin.

    Do you trade standard stocks?
    No. We are not legally able to do this.

    Do you allow sports betting?
    No. Although if we can develop a way to track a value in regards to this we might introduce it.

    How are you auditing?
    We will make public the amount of coins available for distribution, the amount of coins distributed, and more.

    Will you eventually increase supply?
    Yes, as our user base increases and coin holders request that the mint rate be increased. Such issues will be determined democratically through voting on AIOIS Social.

    How do I sell to others?
    Determine what method you will be receiving funds with, for instance PayPal. Contact our customer service on AIOIS Social and we will take your coin code, regenerate it, then give the regenerated code to the recipient once you verify you received the funds.

    Is this private?
    Yes. You can register using a handle, for instance "CoinFan." If the transaction is financial, as in money is exchanged, there will be a financial trail through the service you use to transfer the funds. This is just like the trail that would be available through exchanges. So we protect your privacy just as much as exchanges do. We do not use a public tracking blockchain, which is a privacy risk for secure transactions. Most other cryptocurrencies can track you through a public transaction ledger (blockchain) that can never be erased. Using the meta data the blockchain provides makes it difficult but possible to watch transactions in real-time and expose the identity of the wallets.

    Can I trust you?
    Considering all the theft that occurs at most exchanges and the shady backgrounds exclusively-crypto companies have (often hiring criminals formerly convicted of financial crimes or hacking), YES. We have been a public search engine for 10+ years. That is what we mean by Backed by AIOIS. It should make you feel more at ease.

    What security do you use?
    All of the data on coins and holders is kept encrypted and offline. Only background-checked authorized personal can access such data. We follow the strictest privacy laws.

    Do you make money off of this?
    Yes, we pay our employees who will handle the transactions and manage the financials.

    What are AIOIS Crypto's goals?

    "Data from the University of Cambridge suggests that the emissions produced by Bitcoin mining are the equivalent of between 53 and 127 million megatons of carbon dioxide. The upper bound of these figures would place Bitcoin as the No. 6 highest-emitting company in the world, according to Arabesque’s emissions database." - The Washington Post
  • Reduce pollution
  • Work with climate activists and environmental protection agencies
  • Help poor people financially
  • Increase free housing and free education for the poor
  • Establish an automated convenience store chain where everything (food and supplies) is free for the poor
  • Launch a satellite Internet company to give the poor free Internet access
  • Simplify cryptocurrency
  • Develop an advanced AI and computing software that can work with the poor
  • Donate to charitable causes
  • Rescue the cats and dogs being killed by the wealthy at shelters

    Helping the poor would likely:
  • Reduce inequality
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Reduce crime rates
  • Increase happiness
  • Increase innovation
  • Increase business activity
  • Increase the money circulation rate
  • Increase the population
  • Improve healthcare
  • Decrease pollution through new solutions
  • Increase business competition

    Do you support criminal activity?
    Absolutely not. We do not support or condone criminal activity. Do not attempt to use our cryptocurrency for criminal transactions. All digital transactions are logged by financial institutions, who may report the activity to law enforcement. Any issue would have to be dealt with through your financial institution. Purchasing a coin for profit is completely legal in the same way purchasing an autographed baseball card is.

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