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AIOIS Cloud awards Sample Corporation the High Privacy Seal - 01/01/2021

After a thorough review, AIOIS Cloud has found that Sample Corporation follows some of the highest privacy standards in the industry. AIOIS Cloud is a subsidiary of All-in-one Internet Search (AIOIS), an industry leading search engine.

Data is encrypted in transfer and at rest. Only the minimum amount of customer data is collected. Sample Corporation limits the amount of tracking scripts and cookies it deploys on its website. Sample Corporation also follows EU privacy laws, allowing users to edit and delete the data the company keeps on file about them. The company has protocols in place to securely delete data.

PII (personally identifiable information) being held by Sample Corporation is encrypted using high encryption levels and no data is held as plain text or hashed. Employees have been trained on how to mitigate malware and ransomware. Applicable employees have installed the latest AI automated tools to mitigate such attacks.

Sample Corporation is aware of the liability a breach would cause the company and the harm it could do to users. AIOIS Cloud has studied its systems, code, and servers to see if they are up to date and have been patched to the latest versions. Sample Corporation seemed serious and professional in discussions with AIOIS Cloud and understands the importance of spending towards securing and maintaining its IT infrastructure.

Sample Corporation conducts background checks on all of its employees and understands the weakest link concept in security. Managers at the company continually monitor security developments in real-time to mitigate any technological or employee related issues.

AIOIS Cloud is not liable for any breach that occurs at Sample Corporation. We are simply a monitoring agency that helps companies keep higher standards in regards to technology. Any liability of a breach remains with Sample Corporation.

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