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Exceptional privacy features enabled by the latest technology.

The latest technology (including SSL, TLS, & PFS) is used to secure the site. All-in-one Internet Search is verified as having a perfect "A+" rating through Qualys SSL Labs.

  • HTTP/3 (with QUIC)
  • PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy)
  • TLS 1.3 (The latest version of SSL technology)
  • Strong encryption ciphers

All-in-one Internet Search utilizes state of the art End-to-End Encryption (True SSL) for unprecedented privacy and security. This technology establishes an encrypted link that allows for the private transmission of data. You can verify this by locating the lock icon in your browser bar when accessing this website. We respect your privacy, do not sell your information to third parties, and secure your data using the latest security measures. We do not maintain logs that associate your IP to your search history (any security related connection data is held for no more than one month). Only authorized personnel, that have undergone extensive background checks, are allowed to access our systems.

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Our combination of technology and the Global Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network), allow for faster load times. Our search engine results are diverse and we seek data from across the web. Experience the convenience of AIOIS.


Our editors have found the best content from around the web and have presented it in an optimized format to limit the amount of clicks you have to make.


We actively seek out content from a multitude of sites and do not limit the selection based on whether such content will redirect users to companies we may compete with.


Use the website as much as you want, with no restrictions.

AIOIS Global Network powered by Cloudflare

Access AIOIS at lightning fast speeds around the world.

The latest security and privacy features.

Cloudflare enhances your connection to AIOIS, ensuring that it is private and secure. Eavesdroppers cannot see what you are doing online.

AIOIS All-in-one Search Results

Search many sites in one search without filter bubbles, allowing you to keep your horizon clear of feedback loops.

Strong encryption keeps your connection secure.

10 results per page provides an intuitive experience.


Search multiple websites/apps and search engines in one.

View the latest breaking news from around the world.

Our open policy affords you quick access to all your favorite websites/apps.

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The serendipity AIOIS creates allows you to gain new insights.

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Vigilant stance, always bringing you the latest privacy and security breakthroughs

No history of your search activity - escape the filter bubble

Search without filters and interference

All-in-one Live Type and All-in-one Search Ideas

Find related items of interest to your search query

Your favorite websites/apps

Drill down and search by topic/country of your interest


Clean and advanced design


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Search for and pursue your passion without limits because there are none.